Peterson Loves Wake Visit

Lincoln, Nebraska native Tyler Peterson is one of the Demon Deacon coaching staff's top offensive line prospects in 2005. Today, DeaconSports profiles Peterson and talks about his recent visit to Wake Forest.

"Depending on who measures me [I'd say I'm] 6'5, 6'6, I'd say I'm 6'5.5," Tyler Peterson said. "Right now I'm about 287. I bench about 315 and squat 440-450." Peterson's best forty times are around 5.2 seconds.

This season, Peterson has lost around ten pounds, helping his play on the field. "Personally, I feel great about my play," Peterson said. "Real happy. With my weight loss - I wasn't trying to - but I think that helped me...I'm happy about that."

That weightloss and a desire to succeed has helped Peterson towards accomplishing his goals for his senior year. "My goals for the season were personally to go out and play my hardest every play so I didn't regret it," he said. "Improve everything. I feel that in the state, I'm underrated. I've gone out and proved I'm a dominant tackle. Goals, my senior year, I want to win a state championship. We won it my sophomore season and I want to go out doing it again."

If his squad can bring their talent together, Peterson believes a state championship is not out of the question. "If we get it together, not too much is stopping us," he noted. "We've had games where we could upset anybody. We haven't met our full potential by any means."

While Peterson continues to focus on the season, he has taken one official visit, a trip to Wake Forest. "Actually, I took my official out to Wake Forest for the Virginia Tech game and absolutely loved it out there," he noted. "The scenery and campus was beautiful. Education-wise, it is phenomenal. They were talking about the endowment and how it was at one time like 900 million and it blew my mind. I got to hang out with Matt Brim after the game and had a great time."

Though Peterson did not pull the trigger after his visit to Winston-Salem, that is a possibility down the road. "Definitely possible," Peterson said. "Everything I saw, everything that I had seen on the trip and the coaches there were just stellar. It was awesome. There's a chance, there's a chance."

He will wait until after his senior season to decide, however. "I'm waiting until after the season. An announcement would probably come after the season so not to take anything away from the team."

Peterson is also receiving interest from Wyoming, Iowa State, Northwestern, and Wisconsin.

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