McMillin Chooses Wake Forest

While Lawrenceville, Georgia native Barrett McMillin is one of four offensive linemen who committed to Wake Forest this past week, he is by far the strongest of the bunch. McMillin bench presses 500 pounds, but perhaps the greatest weight he has lifted is the pressure of making a college decision and having that out of his way. McMillin made that decision this past Monday.

The road to an offer from Wake Forest was an easy one for Barrett McMillin. His camp performance this past summer earned him an offer right off the bat. "I went to their camp in the summer and a week after that Coach Mullen called me back and said he would offer me a scholarship. He's been calling me every week and then he called me back and told me almost everybody had committed and that they had one spot left for me and I jumped on that."

Although McMillin was impressed with all aspects of the University, Coach Mullen was one of the major factors in his decision. "He's a real nice guy," McMillin noted. "He's my recruiting coordinator and I've been talking to him during the year and the season and everything and he's kept me well informed about the team and the program. He's done a great job."

Though Wake Forest was the lone school to offer at the time of McMillin's decision, there was plenty of interest from schools across the region – and another team that was looking to offer. "During the summer I went to the Georgia and Ole Miss camps also," McMillan said. "Monday night, I committed to Wake Forest and on Tuesday Vanderbilt called and wanted to offer me a scholarship. I told them thanks but I had just committed. I think I was getting mail from Illinois, Vanderbilt and some other schools before [committing to] Wake Forest."

With his commitment, McMillin adds a solid run blocker to the Demon Deacon offensive line corp down the road. "Right now I think I have strength and my run blocking is pretty good," he noted. "I bench 500 pounds which is a big attribute. I need to work on my agility and quickness."

500 pounds as a high school senior is impressive, but it could be even more if it were not for his coach's concern that lifting more could be detrimental to McMillin. "Right now, my coach doesn't want me to do any more because I might hurt myself. I just do repetitions of three sets of eight at 385." McMillin also squats 505 and hang cleans 260.

He plans to make an official visit to Wake Forest in November or December.

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