Haupt: All About Timing

It is a confusing time for Merritt Island (Fla.) offensive lineman Eddie Haupt, and it all depends on a timing issue in Gainsville. Even his official visits are going back and forth.

"I've been thinking about which ones I want to take, but I'm not sure because I can graduate early," says the 6-foot-4, 290 pounder. "So it will kinda depend on whether or not I am going to, because since Coach Zook got fired I've been kinda iffy."

Haupt says wants to graduate early, but the Florida administration needs to have something in place before he can make his own decisions.

"I definitely want to do it, but I want to know who my coach will be. I think the date for early enrollees (at Florida) is the 23rd of December, and so I would like to know a good deal of time before that so I can get aquainted with the staff. I like Coach Lickline and Coach Locksley at Florida, and I want to see them stay, but if they don't, I would like to see who they bring in."

Other schools are on the horizon, though one school to which Haupt planned to take an official visit is off the scheduled.

"I cancelled NC State, I didn't feel that I needed that visit. I was thinking about taking one to Georgia, West Virginia, or Wake Forest, or some place like that."

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