Hale: Something To Prove

When Wake Forest received a commitment from Harvey Hale earlier this year, all the talk was of the Demon Deacons receiving a great defender. No one spoke of his offense – many didn't think he had much of an offensive game. Hale saw. That has fueled his mission for his senior campaign, a mission to prove to everyone that he is not only an imposing defender, but also a great scorer.

At the end of August, shooting guard Harvey Hale made his decision to be a Demon Deacon. Wednesday, Hale made it official, signing his letter-of-intent to play for Coach Prosser at Wake Forest University.

"I got all that in. I signed it and sent the Fed-Ex," Hale noted. "I'm loving it man, every bit of it. Just to go to a good university like Wake Forest, the ACC conference. You can't get better than that, going to a great school that's #2 in the country. You can't get better than that."

Upon calling Coach Battle and Coach Prosser, the New Mexico native signed was congratulated by the Wake coaches Wednesday, shortly after signing his LOI. "I talked to Coach Battle after I [signed] it and Coach Prosser after too. They're excited and getting ready for their season and I'm getting ready for my season." Hale, who keeps in touch with Justin Gray and Chris Paul, noted that he probably will not get a chance to visit Wake Forest again this year, but plans to enroll in June.

For now, Hale focuses on the task at hand, improving his game and taking his team to a state championship while proving critics wrong along the way. "I'm just trying to work hard every day," Hale said. "I'm trying to get my jumping ability real nice so I can finish more. I'm trying to get my three more consistent so I can knock it down every time. I hit it well now but I want to knock it down every time."

Although the season has yet to get under way, Hale believes his high school squad will be very good this season and has a great shot at heading back to the state championship. Hale and his teammates are already working "hard, hard, hard" to prepare for their season. The 6'2 guard wants a state crown – but he also wants to prove people wrong.

"I try to work hard on defense," Hale said, "as it makes it easier on offense. But people say I can't score or I don't score like they want, but they don't realize I have [some good] scorers on my team. Don't get me wrong, I can really score. I really can. They already know in Albuquerque, but this I'm going to show people over in the ACC."

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