Peterson Officially Announces; Visiting For UNC

Though Tyler Peterson committed to Wake Forest almost a month ago, it wasn't until last Monday that Peterson officially announced that he would be a Demon Deacon. spoke with Peterson on Wednesday about his announcement as well as his plans to visit Wake Forest this weekend.

"It was a week from last Monday, a week and a half ago," Tyler Peterson said of his official announcement that he would be a Demon Deacon. "Actually I just talked to the coach and he talked to the papers, Lincoln and Omaha the two major papers, and they called me and talked about the commitment. It wasn't really a press conference."

With Peterson's commitment to Wake Forest done, the 6'5, 300-pound Nebraska native has found his home for the next four or five years – and also no longer has to field calls from coaches every night. "It's nice not having a whole bunch of coaches call every night," Peterson said. "That's the good part of it. It is nice to know, too. I kind of have a peace of mind knowing where I'm going to go."

Peterson noted that he received between seven and ten phone calls a week, normally ten to twenty minutes per phone call, from college coaches. "It was mostly Tuesday, Wednesday nights, and Thursdays," Peterson said. "It was getting to be three nights a week of phone calls so it got pretty hectic."

That was one of the toughest parts of Peterson's recruitment. Having coaches and scouts constantly watching was tough as well. "I mean, of course knowing someone is in the stands watching you, that's in the back of your mind too," Peterson noted. "But you can't play with that, worrying if I do anything to screw up, you know. You can't play with that."

The offer from the Demon Deacons makes it clear that he didnt screw up afterall. After accepting that scholarship, Peterson knows his home for a few years will be Winston-Salem. Nnow the question is what position will be his home during his time at Wake Forest. "Last year [I was an offensive] guard and this [year I'm at] tackle," he noted. "I talked to Coach Lobo and he said basically depending on pass blocking and how well I fit into that, probably tackle now...Hopefully I can play tackle."

Peterson, who has already taken his official visit to Wake Forest, will visit again this weekend for the game against North Carolina.

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