Lawson Becoming Big Time Player

Josh Smith and Jerry Stackhouse are just two players that have been groomed at Oak Hill Academy in West Virginia. Junior guard Tywon Lawson is excited to be learning and playing along side the best in the country. Lawson was in Benton, Kentucky over the weekend and caught up with Evan Daniels of

BENTON, Ky.--Oak Hill is simply a stepping stone for great talent to reach the next level. The Warriors Head Coach Steve Smith has put eighteen kids in the NBA and over 100 in a Division-1 uniform. Tywon Lawson is just another great player Steve Smith has received and is molding into one of the best players in the 2006 class.

"I've had a lot of good point guards William Avery, Cory Alexander, Jeff McINnis, I know I'm leaving guys out, Cliff Hawkins," Steve Smith continued. "He is in there with all of those guys. He's a tough nut and he plays up in big games."

The latest big time point guard to graduate from Oak Hill was Rajon Rondo. The athletic Rondo can be found at the University of Kentucky this season. So, Lawson has big shoes to fill. "He's a little different player, Rajon was longer and a little more athletic but I love the way Ty plays," the Head Coach at Oak Hill said. "I have him for two years and the way he runs our team I'm looking forward to the next two years."

While Lawson is exceeding expectations in his own right, he also is thrilled to play along side some of the best in the country.

"It makes my job a lot easier, so I don't have to score, play defense, and rebound all together," Lawson stated.

Lawson stands only 5-foot-11 but don't let his short height fool you, he can flat out play ball. Over the weekend in the Marshall County Hoopfest, Oak Hill had two games against quality opponents and Lawson dropped 25 and 21 in consecutive games.

With all of the recent success, the third ranked point guard in the class of 2006 says he still needs to improve on some things before he is ready for the next level.

"I need to work on hitting the deeper shot and maybe my jumping ability," Lawson responded when asked what he needed to work on.

The deep shot looked good in Marshall County when Lawson stroked five threes on Friday night and three on Saturday. But scoring isn't Lawson's only trait. He dished out over five assists in each game and has already recorded a double-digit assist game this season.

Last years Oak Hill team sent Josh Smith to the NBA, Rondo to Kentucky, and Brian Johnson to Louisville. Where will Lawson end up? At this point Lawson likes North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, N.C. State, Maryland, and Illinois.

The 185-pounder has been on two visits up to this point. One visit was taken to Wake Forest and the other Maryland, which already has signed a point guard, Eric Hayes, for the class of 2006.

What is there to like about Wake Forest? "Chris Paul goes there, and I like how the players run up and down the court," Lawson responded.

Even though Lawson still has two years left to enjoy the high school life, he's at the Mecca of high school basketball schools and has a chance to become among one of the greats to enter and exit Oak Hill.

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