Wake Forest Among Many After Cook

While Conley has expressed a strong desire to go to Wake Forest does Cook feel the same way? Will Oden opt to put off the NBA for at least one more year? Will any of the three play college ball together? These are all great questions and Daquan Cook is the man with the answers.

Just a few weeks ago Wake Forest hosted three of the top players in the 2006 class. Mike Conley, Greg Oden, and Daequan Cook, who play on the same AAU team, traveled to see the Wake Forest vs Texas game in December.

While Conley has already admitted that the Deacons lead for his services the other two have been pretty quiet with their recruitment. So did the visit have any affect on Cook?

Throughout his recruitment Cook has listed Wake Forest but what are the other schools he's looking at? The latest list looks like this: Ohio State, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Louisville, Michigan, Kentucky, Michigan State, and UConn and Oklahoma and some others.

How is the recruiting process going? "I haven't really gotten into it that," Cook replied. "I haven't had time to sit down and get to it, at the end of the basketball season I will."

While Cook's visit to Wake Forest was a few weeks ago, he did discuss it.

"We had fun, it was a good experience," Cook said. It showed us how college life is."

All of the Wake Forest fans knew exactly who Cook, Conley, and Oden were, and chants were even heard throughout the game, encouraging the trio to come to Wake.

"It felt good, it showed that we were really welcome there," Cook exclaimed.

The three play AAU ball together and all seem very close friends. So is there any chance of them playing in college together?

"We have talked about it now and we made a decision that at least me and Conley are and if Greg goes to college then he'll be there with us," Cook replied.

Greg Oden is rated number one overall in the class of 2006 and the 7-footer has already been projected as the number one draft pick in the 2006 draft.

When asked if he thought Oden would go pro Cook responded, "Yeah, more than likely, but he wants to go to college."

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