Abdallah Commits To Miami

Sometimes it's interesting how much one year can change a kid's future. For Luqman Abdallah, the difference was huge. "After I graduated high school last year I was all set to go to a Division 1AA school in Pennsylvania," Abdallah said. "Now I'm going to Miami."

That's right, Abdallah is headed to Miami. "I actually committed today while I was there," he said. "The entire weekend, I just felt like I was at home. All the guys and the coaches really made me feel comfortable. I could definitely see myself spending the next few years there and going to school there."

The talented defensive tackle has a visit scheduled to Virginia Tech for next weekend. That won't happen, however. "I'm gonna call them and cancel it," he said. "The toughest part will be telling all the coaches when they come by the school this week. But I'm sure they will understand. I can't go wrong with Miami."

Abdallah said he checked the depth chart but it was never a big factor in his decision. "Instead of looking at it like that, I figure the more competition the better I'll be," he said. "Every day I'll have a chance to compete against some of the best players in the whole nation. That's why you see guys from Miami playing one or two years and then going straight to the pros after they become starters. The competition is so good, it makes a big impact."

Abdallah said he also enjoyed spending time with Larry Coker and strength coach Andreu Swasey. "Coach Coker was with us all weekend," he said. "He's a great guy. You can see why the players wanna play hard for him. The players really like him. Coach Swasey is the reason those guys are in such great shape all the time. For eight months during the offseason, he makes them into a great team. I love that. I want him to push me to make me a better player."

The talented defender said he's excited about his futute as a Hurricane. "They struggled a little this year," he said. "But they got so many players coming back and they got some guys who redshirted. They're getting guys like me, Antonio Dixon, and hopefully Kyle Moore too. Our defense will be back on top next year as long as we work hard enough. Nobody wants to repeat what happened this year."

Abdallah is a full academic qualifier.

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