Q&A With John Russell

Tonight, I had a chance tonight to finally catch John Russell to see if he made a final deicision between Georgia Tech and Wake Forest. The following is a question and answer with Russell about his verbal to Wake Forest.

DM: John, I know we have spoken a few times over the past few days about your decision on a college of your choice. Have you made your decision?
JR: Yes sir I have and it was an extremely hard decision I had to make. I made my choice to go to Wake Forest. I called Wake and gave them my verbal commitment.

DM: What made you decide on Wake Forest?
JR: It was the fact I felt comfortable there and I had a good feeling about it.

DM: On one update you told me that Wake had a deadline for you to make a decision but they called and gave you some time to think on it, did that anything to do with your decision?
JR: Yes sir, it did a lot. When they (Wake) gave me some breathing room to think about my decision, that showed me they had respect for me and that meant a lot to me. I just needed time to think on what was best for me.

DM: Was this a decision that could have either way?
JR: It most certainly was. I was very close to committing to Georgia Tech and I was close many times calling Georgia Tech to give them my commitment. Coach Gailey is doing good at Georgia Tech and it would a great place to play but after I got that weekend and the first part of the week to think on it, I felt like Wake was the place for me.

DM: At one time there was a rumor circulating that you and Colin Peek were to be a package deal to one school is that true?
JR: We discussed it and thought that we do that and at one time we were. But we each had to do our own thing in the end and I wish Colin the best. I know he is down to Georgia Tech and Alabama right now and he is close to making a decision.

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