Thomas Having Excellent Season

Lance Thomas isn't a guy who's ready to make a college decision anytime soon but he is having exactly the kind of season you'd expect from a guy ranked No. 11 in the country.

Listen to Danny Hurley talk about Lance Thomas, and coming from a guy who has been around the game and witnessed some of its better players the last 15 years, you tend to take his opinion very seriously.

"His numbers are a lot like J.R. [Smith's] when he was a junior and then of course he took the big jump when he became a senior and I expect Lance will do the same thing," Hurley said. "Overall as a basketball player he's a ahead of where J.R. was as junior."

Thomas is getting 17 points a night, 9.4 boards, 2 blocks, 2.5 steals and gets to the line 7.76 times a night. Showing that he's human, Thomas could stand to get better at the line, but overall it's one of those years that makes a high school coach extremely happy.

With what could be the biggest proliferation of talent to the NBA from a single class, Thomas appears to be one of the most recruitedable power forwards in the country. While guys like Vernon Macklin and Brandan Wright likely already have to think about playing for pay, Thomas continues to make strides while entertaining offers from the elite college programs in the country.

Arizona, UConn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida,Kansas, Maryland, Rutgers, Syracuse, Wake Forest, St. John's and Miami, according to Thomas' uncle, have offered. At one point Duke was coming hard as well.

"I would say it's pretty much in the information gathering stage," Monty Montgomery, Thomas' uncle said. "He's just listening to what is coming in as far as offers. His main focus is getting better and improving."

In the end, whoever lands the No. 11 prospect in America, must have an immediate need for his services. "'He's interested in the opportunity to start right away," Montgomery said. "Colleges will tell you what you want to hear so you have to do your homework. He knows it's a business but he also knows that if he doesn't do his part once he goes to that school that he'll be on that bench until he improves. He wants to get better and be that semi-polished player and then take a look at the opportunities that are going to be there."

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