Schofield Solid

After committing to Wake Forest several months ago, South Carolina defensive back Channing Schofield received heavy interest from several other programs including Steve Spurrier's South Carolina program. Schofield turned down that interest, electing to sign with Wake Forest on Wednesday.

Tuesday night, Channing Schofield got his last orders from the Wake coaching staff before signing his letter of intent with Wake Forest. "Keith Henry, my recruiting coach, just called," Schofield said. "He was just congratulating me that I made it to the big day. He said ‘are you were excited?' and I said ‘yeah' and he told me the guidelines and then said that Coach Grobe was going to have a press conference [Wednesday afternoon] and elaborate on the recruits."

"I just had an in-home visit with Coach Grobe last week," Schofield noted, "and he said it was by far the best recruiting class since he'd been there."

That recruiting class includes Schofield and another very good cornerback, Jack Britt HS (N.C.) cornerback Brandon Ghee. "I'm actually going to talk to him later on tonight," Schofield said. "We had our official visit when Wake Forest played UNC and we kicked off pretty well. We got along well and my parents and his parents too. By the end of our weekend, we got coach to room us together next year."

In fact, Schofield plans to come in during the summer if possible. "They're trying to get the new NCAA rule that incoming freshmen can come in and do summer school," Schofield noted. "We were trying to go to 2nd session summer school in June or July. The sooner I can get there the better."

If Schofield can make it into school early, that will increase his chances as playing as a true freshman, though it is still likely that he will redshirt. "Pretty much, Coach Grobe was talking like he does about everyone redshirting," he said. "He was talking about redshirting but he said you don't know how it will pan out. He said I can come in at camp and really impress and they'll play me then."

Schofield will sign and send in his letter of intent at 7:30 Wednesday morning. He will then have a press conference midday for the media as well.

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