Wake Forest Among Semrau's Favorites

The 6-foot-9 forward, who averaged a double-double this season, talked with Evan Daniels of Deaconsports.com about his season and recruitment.

While tough to overcome, injuries are part of the game. Richard Semrau, of Lutheran West HS, has endured through his fair share of injuries. First it was sprained knee in the summer, then a sprained ankle in January.

Despite the injuries, Semrau averaged 22 points and 13 rebounds a game and led his high school squad to the district championship game and a final record of 21-1.

"I think I played good, and had a strong year," Semrau said. "Even through the injuries"

Semrau's great junior year didn't go unnoticed either. North Carolina coach, Roy Williams was in attendance for his last game of the season. Bruce Weber also made trips to see Semrau twice in the past two weeks.

"I also talked to Pat Kelsey (Wake Forest) on Thursday," Semrau stated. "We talked about setting up a visit and the tournament coming up."

So, with all of the attention the mobile forward is receiving, who does he like right now? Semrau listed five schools that he likes: Wake Forest, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, and Florida. Four of the five schools that he likes have offered, with Kentucky being the one that hasn't.

While he plans on visiting all of his remaining five schools he has taken visits to three of them. The 210-pounder has already taken in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Kentucky. So it's only fitting that those three are the ones sticking out above the rest.

When asked if any school had an edge above the others Semrau responded. "I took an unofficial to Wake and I really loved the campus. I just like the way they play, same with North Carolina and Kentucky."

The biggest thing Semrau is looking for is a good coach that he can relate to.

"I think a player coach relationship (is the biggest factor). Seeing how I think I would fit in that program, especially with a coach and see how I like his personality and his way of coaching."

Although Semrau snipped his list down to five schools he still receives a variety of mail from all over the country. So what does Semrau think of the recruiting process?

"I enjoy it. Sometimes it's a little stressful with all the mail. Some of it's over whelming." Semrau asseverated. "I just get tons of mail at home and tons of mail at school."

Semrau hopes to end his "stressful" recruitment in the fall. But in the mean time he will be playing AAU ball for Blessed IJN this summer and working to improve certain parts of his game.

"Rebounding, especially in games," Semrau said of what he needs to work on. "It's really a mental state, it's not a skill it's how bad you want it, and my strength as well."

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