Locker Room Report: Wake Forest

Wake Forest head coach Skip Prosser and the Deacon players met with the media after the loss to NC State.

Wake Forest head coach Skip Prosser
Give credit to NC State. Obviously that stretch in the second half where we turned the basketball over and they converted those turnovers into points was the telling part of the game. Again, that was too many points to give them as a direct result of our turnovers. I thought we played, after the first flurry of baskets, pretty well in the first half. Again, give them credit. They deserve the win. They'll be in the national tournament.

(On playing without Chris Paul)
We shot 49% for the game, obviously not as well in the second half, and as I said earlier the 24 points off turnovers were telling. We had players in there capable of winning the game, so I'm not going to sit here and talk about who didn't play.

(On if Chris Paul expressed any emotions after the game)
Yes, he was remorseful ... as you would expect.

(On whether the loss could cost Wake Forest a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament)
I don't know. I know this though: those guys on the committee are basketball guys. I think we've won something like 10 of our last 12. We played a difficult schedule. The committee asked us to go out in the non-conference season and not be afraid to take your team out on the road and I'm not sure that too many teams did that to the level that we did. You wouldn't think that after 31 games it would come down to 40 minutes like this, but if it does, then it does, because like I said earlier, we had players capable of winning the game and (NC) State beat us. We were fortunate to beat them two out of three, but they got this one. I think the committee will look at the proverbial body of work that everybody is talking about though.

Wake Forest junior center Eric Williams
That was a real intense, emotional game. It just seems like they outscrapped us in the second half.

(On the impact of NC State's 12 offensive rebounds for 19 second chance points)
It just seemed like in the second half they went to the glass more and their guards got a lot more involved in the rebounding. Cameron (Bennerman) went to the glass hard and it was hard to keep him off.

Wake Forest junior guard Justin Gray
I think we played pretty good for about 25 minutes but they had a stretch where they got all the loose balls and got second shots.

(On the absence of All-ACC point guard Chris Paul due to suspension)
Tonight maybe we did miss him, but in that situation we really couldn't think about it. I think everybody really tried to step up their games a little bit, but we just didn't make the plays.

(On a potential No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament)
If you look at our entire season, the games that we've played and the teams on the road, it still looks good. We weren't scared to go on the road and play. We won games on the road so if the committee looks at that I think we're in pretty good shape.

Wake Forest senior guard Taron Downey
The fact of the matter was they flat outplayed us in the second half. We struggled to score a little bit and they did a great job defensively.

(On the immense pressure playing postseason ball)
It's do or die this time of year. Everyone wants to win really badly and it's just about will now. If you lose you're going home for good and we definitely don't want to do that. So we have to get that hunger back.

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