Stadler Picks Up Wake Offer

Bealteon (Va.) Liberty High School has put out several great players over the last few years, but Alex Stadler, an outstanding offensive lineman, could be the best of the bunch.

"He's got offers from Duke, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Bowling Green, Rutgers, Temple, UNC, Indiana, Marshall, Northwestern, Wake Forest," said Liberty head coach Tommy Buzzo, who called back after the interview to add that Stadler just received a written offer from Virginia Tech. "He is planning on taking a big trip starting next weekend on Good Friday. We are on spring break the following week. The preliminary plans are that he will hit Tennessee, he will hit Florida, and he will go to Georgia and Georgia Tech. He could hit Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, Florida State, and Miami."

Stadler is a 6-foot-6, 300 pound offensive lineman who coach Buzzo says "moves his feet well in the box and, for a 16-year-old, plays with a good pad-level." Trying to get around to these schools will be a long haul, but Buzzo does not believe that location will be a determining factor.

"It's not. Initially it was, but now he is pretty much looking at going to as many schools as he can go to and try to find out what the actual best fit for him is. Location will be something that plays into it, but will it be a factor? Absolutely not. Like Michigan, he talked to Michigan a couple of times, and he fits in well with their offense. If that is the best fit for him, that is where he is going to go."

Buzzo believes that with the success of Liberty to have highly-recruited players recently, Stadler is learning the process very well.

"I think he is more learning from what I learned, and I've learned a good bit. He's the first one that has had the first one that has this many offers, but but people ahead of him have gone through it and he's been able to talk to them and see them go through it. He's probably more hungry because he wanted it that bad.

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