Rush's AAU Coach Talks Recruiting

Johnny Walker, AAU coach of one of the nation's top available recruits, talks about the most popular recruit remaining in this class. Read more on what he thinks his star player may be looking for in a college.

Brandon Rush is a 5-star recruit that's a hot commodity right now and Illinois is on that list. Rumor had it that Oklahoma was the leader and it was a done deal. According to Johnny Walker, the AAU coach of Rocktown, "People need to remember that Oklahoma was recruiting his brother Kareem a few years ago and some people, I don't know who, said he was going to the NBA. A lot of schools didn't pursue him but Illinois, along with Oklahoma, did."

Walker also stated other schools are trying to get in on his services, "Florida, UNLV and Wake Forest, but at this point from what I can see, Oklahoma and Illinois are who he likes," he added.

"I can tell you Brandon doesn't care what conference he plays in. If you want me to tell you what school has the best chance, that will be decided by which coach he feels the most comfortable with. The conference doesn't matter to him one bit," Walker said.

I wanted to know if there was a chance he would commit to Oklahoma soon and Walker said he didn't see that coming. "Brandon will take his time and will not be anxious about this. Illinois will get a visit once they're done taking care of business in St. Louis."

Walker also added that something else that's very important to Rush will be whatever coach he feels he can trust. That coach may have a huge edge for his services.

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