Proximity Important To Williams

Growing up, North Carolina native L.D. Williams rooted for the Demon Deacons. Now, the East Bend, N.C. prospect is being recruited by the Deacs and is factoring Wake into his college decision.

When basketball recruits sit down to decide what school they'll attend, usually many factors are brought up. For some it's the tradition of the school. For others it's the current players at that school. But for L.D. Williams it looks like it might be proximity.

After his sophomore year at Forbush High School, Williams decided to go to Monteverde Prep school in Florida. Apparently that decision was a pretty tough one. The 6-foot-4 guard left his home in North Carolina for the sunshine and hot weather of Florida. And while he is playing well and having a good time at Monteverde, Williams seems to be set on playing college close to home.

"The biggest factor is will I fit in and will I like the coaching staff," Williams said. "The next biggest thing is how far away from home is it, I'm not saying schools that are far don't have a chance though."

Williams, who averaged 13.4 points a game, said that he likes Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Xavier, Florida, Virginia Tech, and has been receiving a lot of interest from Syracuse and Charlotte as of late.

A number of schools were in to visit Williams the last few months including coaches from Wake Forest, Xavier, North Carolina, Miami, Florida and Tennesse.

Wake Forest has been on Williams' list since his recruitment began, so what is there to like about them? "It's close to home. That's always a big factor because I went away for prep school," Williams explained. "I like the coaching staff and a lot of the guys on the team are pretty cool. I toured the campus and it was pretty nice, and it's a pretty good academic school."

And while Wake Forest has been a constant on Williams' list so have the Tar Heels, so what do they have to offer? "First of all it's a power house in the NCAA. Everybody knows North Carolina," Williams said. "I also toured the campus, it's bigger than Wake Forest and the arena during a home game is ecstatic."

While he seems interested in both Wake Forest and UNC, he has yet to receive a scholarship offer from either. However, he has received offers from Virginia Tech and Tennesse. Williams says that there a few things he needs to improve in order for some schools to really take notice of him.

"How the progression on my jump shot comes, all the schools are wondering if I can shoot, and if I can handle the ball as well as I should be able to at the next level."

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