Opening Day At Spiece

Spiece Day One began at 7 and the 8 courts were packed with scouts and basketball fans. Some of the best in the business were participating including Mayo, Conley, and Oden. Evan Daniels was in attendance to give the full report.

Fort Wayne, IN--The first day of Spiece wasn't anything spectacular, but nothing to complain about either. I suspect the games at the tourney will continue to get better as the event goes on. There were a few performances that really stuck out, some expected and some unexpected.

Teams Seen
Philly MJC
Randolph Boys Club
D-One Greyhounds
Grand Rapids Lightning
Spiece Indy Elite
New Hampshire Players
Michigan Hurricanes
Ferrari Youth

Top Performers

Reggie Redding, Philly MJC- Redding showed a very poised mid-range game and put together a great overall game. He chalked up 21 points, 5 rebounds, and tossed out 8 assists. The 6-foot-5 forward from Philadelphia sees the court really well and makes players around him better with his timely passing. He didn't show great range from the beyond the arc, although he did hit one. A number of jumpers feel for him just inside the arc.

Malik Alvin, Philly MJC- Coming off a strong finish in D.C., Malik Alvin didn't play great, but played solid and ran his team. He has a solid build and is quick and very strong with the ball in his hands. Not sure about his jump shot, seemed hesitant to put it up from behind the arc.

O.J. Mayo, D-One Greyhounds- Today was just another day at work for Mayo as he stuffed the stat sheet finishing with 23 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. Mayo hung out at the free throw line most of the first half and showed off his mid-range game by knocking those shots down when he was open. Mayo's basketball I.Q. and court awareness is second to none. He banged in the paint and is very tough and strong when finishing.

Bill Walker, D-One Greyhounds- Many people make sure to watch the D-One Greyhounds because of Mayo, but when they show up they realize there is another kid on that team just as impressive. Walker is as athletic as they come and his jumping ability is undescribeable. On one fast break, Walker went up for a two handed jam and the whole ball looked to be above the square on the backboard. He recorded a double-double scoring 28 points and snagging 11 rebounds. If Walker develops a better jump shot they sky is the limit.

Dave Thompson, Grand Rapids Lightning- Probably the best performance by any player at Spiece on the first day came from an unexpected player. Thompson, who is 5-foot-10, played the off guard most of the game and pretty much dictated what he wanted to do. He scored every way possible knocking down four threes. At the end of the first half he had 20 points and he didn't let up at all, scoring 36 on the game. When surprise performances occur from unexpected players, it usually is because of an out standing hot streak from the behind the three point line. But that wasn't the case with the undersized guard. While he did show a great jump shot, he got to the basket when he wanted and didn't have any problem finishing. On one fast break he took it right at Bill Walker leaning into him and finishing for what he made look like an easy two. Thompson said he likes Michigan, Central Michigan, and Michigan State.

Mike Conley, Spiece Indy Heat- Leader is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Conley. He didn't play many minutes in his game today because his team was up big and won by 31. Conley showed he can finish with both hands at the basket and if his already pretty good jump shot improves he will be a stud at the next level. It's well known that Conley is down to Wake Forest and Ohio State and he continues to say that the two schools are very even right now.

Greg Oden, Spiece Indy Heat- Nothing real new about his game and he didn't play much because of the game being a blow out. Oden changes and affects tons of shots, he's a dominant force that is not to be messed with.

Aaron Pogue, Spiece Indy Heat- At first glance Pogue looks like he should be in pads, and while he does play football, the 6-foot-8 255 pounder can play some good basketball. He's very mobile for his big size and is active on the glass and going after shots. His wide body takes up space and down the road Pogue can be a very good player. The 2007 big guy listed Cincinnati, Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State and Illinois.

Darquavis Tucker, Michigan Hurricanes- Tucker was one a bunch of quality 2007 players in attendance and he showed why he's ranked in the top 20 by He's very athletic and might have scored every one of his points on dunks. Going to the basket, he's strong with the ball and isn't afraid of a little contact. He had one of the nicest dunks of the evening by throwing the roundball off the board catching it for the jam.

Tom Herzog, Michigan Hurricanes- The 7-footer finishes much stronger than it looks like he can. He scored one of the only poster dunks of the night. He caught the ball on the baseline and refused to be denied, dunking it one handed on a Ferrari defender. Running the floor isn't an issue for him and he showed that when he pinned a shot attempt against the glass on a runout.

Brian Carlwell, Ferrari Youth- Not many points were scored by this big man, but that is mainly due to the AAU style of play. His rebounding is very strong and he goes to the boards hard. You can tell that he has a variety of post moves and he moves down the court with ease.

Action kicks off bright and early in the morning stay tuned for all of the latest.

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