Telep: Spiece Day Two's Underclassmen

Saturday yielded an impressive crop of underclassmen and we aren't even talking about the O.J. Mayo's and Bill Walker's of the world! Meet 2008's Angel Rivera and read more about Korie Lucious and Darquavis Tucker who were stellar in leading their teams.


Kalin Lucas, PG, The Family: You just know a good point when you see one and Lucas is a good one. He's watched a lot of Wake Forest the last two years because he's got Chris Paul's mannerism's (from the constant shirt tucking to wearing No. 3) down pat. Now, we aren't saying he's CP but his game is patterned after him. Did an excellent job at getting into the seams and playing under control.

Darquavis Tucker (pictured), SF, Michigan Hurricanes: Against the Wolves, Tucker did it at both ends and was spectacular. The guy was blocking shots, finishing plays inside and getting into the lane. It was like he was playing on a pogo stick and no one could get to his level. He and Alex Legion (also sensational on Saturday!) take turns starring on this team and Tucker closed the night with a big time performance.

Eshaunte Jones, PG, Blessed IJN: The guy can run and offense and score at the same time. He's really making his move this spring and his ability to shoot the basketball from behind the arc is drawing attention to his game. But, make no mistake about it, he's a scoring point guard.

Jordan Printy, SG, Martin Bros. 16: We're always looking for guys who can shoot the basketball and this 6-foot-3+ Linn Marr guard made the first 3 trifectas he took in the playoff game we watched.

Daitwan Eppinger, F, Clev. Basketball 16s: He put a hurtin' on The Family in a morning game where he went off for 20+. Eppinger got his by working the baselines, being athletic and every now and again making a shot on the perimeter. Has the makings of a potential high major forward with excellent athleticism.

DeAndre Liggins, SF, Illinois Fire: Not bad for a 6-foot-6 guy who creates and is athletic. We'll continue to watch him but he's got a chance.


Angel Garcia (pictured), F, Spiece NW Stars: For a guy who just arrived in the States from Puerto Rico within the last two weeks, he's pretty darn good. OK, he's one of the best freshmen we've seen this year. He's a 6-foot-10 perimeter forward who can handle and pass it. He managed to sneak in a few 3s and wasn't afraid of Keenan Ellis inside either. He had 19 as his club beat the 16 and under Greyhounds.

Korie Lucious, PG, DTA 16s: They've got Dallas Mavericks knock-off uniforms and Lucious resembles Ray Allen facially so this is a smooth crew and the frosh PG is their trigger man. Always under control, Lucious can pop it from deep and slide left-handed passes into the post. He's a big timer.

Yancey Gates, PF, Cleveland Basketball Club 15: He's tough to miss at 6-foot-8 and probably in the neighborhood of 240. They say he's the top freshman in the state of Ohio and you'll get no argument here.

De Brown, PG, Michigan Hurricanes 15: One of the better young points we've seen and a guy who is already strong with the ball. He'll get into the lane, make the right decision on the break and even bust a few 3-pointers when needed.

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