Crittenton Down To Three

The 6-foot-5 Crittenton is doing his research and approaching his decision in a business-like manner.

Javaris Crittenton is going through the recruiting process step-by-step. After a big time spring with the Atlanta Celtics, he's listened to pitches and offers from schools and now has narrowed his focus to three programs: Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Florida.

"I kind of narrowed it down because I had a whole bunch of schools coming up and talking to my coaches," Crittenton said. "I'm sitting back and looking at tapes of certain schools that offer me scholarships and seeing where I can fit in. I'm looking to see where I can work towards starting."

Though the 6-foot-5 guard out of Southwest Atlanta Christian has chopped his list, don't expect him to further the process until he's able to check out some campuses in a few months. "I'm talking to my family and I won't be able to take my visits until the fall," Crittenton said. "I want to at least visit the schools."

So, how did he narrow his focus? "I just feel like these are the three best schools for me so I narrowed down my list. I think those three schools give me the best chance of stepping right in and being able to play right away."

Crittenton is methodically doing his research. He's got the VCR remote in one hand and a notepad in the other.

"I watched Wake Forest play over and over again. I've watched Chris Paul and Justin Gray and just speaking with Coach Prosser, he's a very honest man and he's got a different approach. He doesn't hold his guards back and I think I'm best in the open court making decisions."

The Yellow Jackets appeal to him because of their proximity and of course their game. "I like Georgia Tech and the way they play. I'm here in Atlanta and I see them a lot. I think Paul Hewitt is a great man."

Then there are the Gators, known for their speed and pace. "Florida, they play a fast paced game also," Crittenton said. "They press a lot and get up and down the floor. I communicate with their staff a lot. It's important when making a college decision to have a great relationship with the staff."

Crittenton knows that a lot of folks will expect him to attend Georgia Tech. At one point, there was a rumor that he had committed there. In the end, he'll do what's best for him. "There's a lot of pressure. It was always the word around, even with other college coaches; they would say ‘you're not a Yellow Jacket already are you?'

"They came at me with assumptions but I made it clear that I have not committed to Tech verbally. A lot of people want me to stay home. I've got to do what's best for me. You can transfer but you want to make the best decision and stick with that decision."

And while in a best case scenario he'd reach that decision in the fall, Crittenton can't rule anything out. "My plan is to wait until the fall. I'm not in any rush but it could happen sooner than that."

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