Deacs Maintain a "Commanding Lead"

While some high school coaches don't believe that summer combines are beneficial to their athletes, it's a safe bet that Durham (NC) Riverside wide receiver Marshall Williams would wholeheartedly disagree. Thanks to his performances on the combine circuit this summer, offers have begun to roll in for the 6-foot-1, 165-pound athlete.

Marshall Williams' combine season started off with a trip to the MSL combine in Durham where he was very impressive, emerging as one of the top talents in the state. That's when the major interest from D-I schools truly began.

"When I first went to the MSL combine, my very first combine, I went out there and they actually had video footage and they sent it out and Wake Forest saw it and that's when they offered me," Williams said. "As far as the other combines like the adidas Invitational last week, it was very big for me because it got State interested. Other schools like Maryland and Duke, Duke's offered and Maryland said they would offer me by this week. Maryland's seen my tape, not actually my combines. But the combine scene has been very beneficial and I like to do it anyway, I like to come out here and compete."

Saturday's Shrine Bowl practice was not Williams' best outing, but it did have its positives, according to the Durham native. "I started off pretty slow but I was able to get my hands on the ball and work on my technique. Even if I don't get up for the ball, scouts out here can see that I do good route running."

Thanks to his combine performances, Williams has developed mutual interest in five schools. "My top five would be Wake Forest, Duke, N.C. State, Clemson, and North Carolina. Wake Forest, I love their family atmosphere and Coach Mullen my recruiting coach, he wants to be more a part of my family than worried about me a player. He worries about me off the field. Duke, they're a great academic school, I like to have Wake Forest and Duke. I've already got offers from them so I've got the two best academic schools around. Duke's coaching staff, I met with David Kelly, he's a really good coach. N.C. State, I love Coach Amato, he's a competitor and serious and I like that. I know he's not afraid to go up top. Clemson's a great school and [has a] great coach in Tommy Bowden. They're down in Death Valley and I love to play in big atmospheres. And Carolina, I grew up liking North Carolina. I wish I heard a lot more from them but they have a good coaching staff and I've talked to them a little bit."

Although he has aspects of each school that he likes, one school stands out on top right now. "Wake Forest's my leader by far – a commanding lead for my favorite," he said. "They were interested in me a long time before everyone else. They showed they trust me and they trust that I'll be beneficial in the future."

Williams plans to make his decision by the end of June.

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