"It's Like A Second Home..."

Lee County (NC) tight end Dennis Godfrey is still waiting for his first offer, but if his performance at the Shrine Bowl inviation only practice is any indication, he won't be waiting long.

Dennis Godfrey stood out as the top tight end at the invitation only Shrine Bowl event. With great size, good speed, and impressive hands, Godfrey led a group of impressive tight ends.

"It was very competitive on the offense and defensive side of the ball," Godfrey said. "In the beginning I felt kind of ragged but I got my head into it and started going away with it and having fun. It's a great experience being out here with some of the top people in the state, seeing where you place among people [in North Carolina."]

Godfrey also feels that he matched up well with the top athletes out of the state as well. "I feel great about what I did today. I feel like I stood out among the greatest athletes out here. There's a lot of great talent here though, nothing compares to this."

Not only was there a great deal of talent at the Shrine Bowl practice, the event also brought required pads, meaning the players would be hitting a little more than at most events. "The intensity with the full pads and the gear, there's more to it and it's more intense. There's more to it and that's how I feel about it. Some of these cats out here are ready to play. I can see it in their eyes. We're all just ready to get the season started."

Prior to getting the season started, however, Godfrey must handle some business in his recruitment including attending camps to help earn offers from potential suitors. "I'm going to ECU for a one-day camp," Godfrey said. "I'm going to Carolina's one-day camp June 11th. I'm going to Wake Forest for their one-day camp later this summer too so it's going to be busy."

While Godfrey hopes to earn offers at the camps, he has already developed major interest from several programs and has formed a top five – and one favorite. His top five is comprised of East Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Vanderbilt.

"My top favorite right now is still Wake Forest," Godfrey said. "There's something about the campus that just makes me want to come. It's like a second home for me, it's like backyard football. It makes me feel like a little kid and everything. The place is like a family environment."

The Deacs have shown heavy interest in the Lee County prospect and Godfrey hopes to receive an offer from Wake in the near future. "I have to wait on my SAT score to get back this summer," he said. "By that time, I'll probably get in there and they'll offer me – at least I hope."

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