Conley Talks OSU vs. WFU

Though his original timeline called for a commitment by this point in his recruitment, Mike Conley has yet to pull the trigger. Several schools have been his favorite during his recruitment including Wake Forest and, most recently, Ohio State. Conley spoke with DeaconSports this past weekend concerning his recruiting process and where it stands.

"I'd like to say that I'm close, but it's getting harder and harder as it goes along," Mike Conley told Michael Jennings of DeaconSports. For a long time, Wake Forest led for Conley's services but his tune changed in the past few months to favoring the Ohio State Buckeyes, the school where his friend and AAU teammate Daequan Cook committed. Other than Cook's commitment, location had a part in changing his favorite. "I think it's location a little bit," he said. "I might want to stay a little closer to home. I wouldn't mind going away, but I'd say that's probably the biggest factor in that [change."]

While distance is a factor, Conley continued by noting that academics also factor into his decision and the Wake Forest coaching staff has been sure to let Conley know that the academics at Wake Forest are among the nation's best. "That's the thing," Conley said in regards to balancing the many factors in his decision. "Whatever decision I make is just whatever I feel is right for me. I just haven't reached that point. [OSU is close to home] but Wake Forest is a great academic school and that's what I want. So I've just got to see it both ways and see which is best."

As has been the consensus of late, Conley also believes that he will attend the same school as Greg Oden, the #1 prospect in the class of 2006. "I think if Greg ends up at college he'll go wherever I go. He likes the same schools as I do and we talk about it all the time, so I think we'll end up at the same college."

With Conley's school list basically down to Ohio State and Wake Forest, Conley notes that he is currently waiting to see what is happening with the NCAA violations at Ohio State before making a final decision. "That's what I'm waiting to see goes on with that. If I were to go there and couldn't play in the NCAA Tournament or something I wouldn't want to be there," he noted. Although the NCAA is currently working out the situation at Ohio State, a final ruling on the matter may not be handed down until late in the year and, according to Conley, he'd like to decide sooner. "I'm trying to decide sooner," he said. "Hopefully it'll play out before then."

In the meantime, Conley will continue to mull over his college decision and to work on his game. ["I need to] hit the weightroom, get a lot bigger," he said. "I think that's first and most important of anything. I think I need to shoot more shots too...just work on every part of my game and get better."

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