Jemison Holds Several Offers

Demetrius Jemison, a 6'7 forward from Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama, is currently in the midst of transitioning his game to the point where he can play not only the 4-position, but also the 3-spot as well. He's also in the midst of figuring out his recruitment...

"I'm pretty much good with my back to the basket," Demetrius Jemison said. "Now I'm working on facing up. A lot of coaches are saying they want to see me be able to play that way and everything so I try to show some of that each time I play…handle the ball, shoot some jump shots and all that so I can play on the perimeter as well as on the inside. I kind of want to play the 3 and 4 – play both, be versatile."

Jemison proved that he's an impressive athlete at the Tournament of Champions in North Carolina at the end of May. His play at AAU events as well as his potential at the next level have brought a long list of suitors for the Alabama native and has also brought about several offers.

"Kansas, Maryland, Illinois, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Miami, a lot of folks right now," Jemison responded when asked some of the schools recruiting him. As for offers, Jemison recited several of the schools that have put forth grant-in-aids. "I know I've got Alabama, Auburn, UAB, Tennessee, I think Miami, and Georgia Tech," Jemison said.

Though he already has several offers, Jemison plans to take his time before making a college decision. "I think I'm going to commit in November before the school season starts, just get it out of the way. I'll probably take [visits] at the end of the summer."

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