Roommates Prep For Freshman Year

Harvey Hale and Kevin Swinton are on campus and are working out with the team. The two excited freshmen spoke with and gave their opinions on the upcoming season and their recruiting class.

The transition from high school to college can be difficult in many different ways, especially for student athletes. But Harvey Hale and Kevin Swinton are enjoying the process and looking forward to their future endeavors.

"I've been here for about two weeks going on three. I love it," Hale exclaimed. "It's cool, it's different though."

"I'm loving it. I can't complain. Classes and everything are going well," Swinton said. "There aren't many people here right now, but everyone we've encountered has been cool."

Balancing basketball and academics is often a tough task for student athletes, but that shouldn't be the case with Hale or Swinton, as both boast GPA's close to 4.0s from high school.

Hale, of Albuquerque, New Mexico and Swinton, of Greensboro, North Carolina, are beginning to grow close, as the two roommates are not only working hard in the classroom together but on the basketball court as well. And since they can't have official practices, they can play in scrimmages and both Hale and Swinton are working to improve certain facets of their game.

"I'm trying to get my shot better," Hale said when asked what part of his game he was working on the most. "That's always going to be a factor as a shooting guard. I'm just going to work hard and see what happens."

While Hale is working on improving his jump shot, Swinton is working on his inside game and getting the strength to bang with the big men of the ACC.

"I'm just trying to improve my strength, my shot and my ball handling," Swinton added. "And just keep working on my post up game."

The two incoming freshman could reap the benefits of Chris Paul putting his name in the NBA draft and Vytas Danelius graduating. There is some playing time available and each expect to contribute to the Demon Deacons this year. Even though he isn't a natural point guard, Hale said it will take a team effort to replace Chris Paul.

"I think a lot of people are going to see some time. We have Shamaine Dukes, both of us are going to have to step up and contribute," Hale continued. "We need to come in and work hard. We also have Cameron Stanley and Richard Joyce so pretty much it's whoever plays hard and stay consistent."

Other than Hale and Swinton, Skip Prosser also brought in Shamaine Dukes and David Weaver to represent his class of 2005. And even though their class didn't get the ink that the Kansas and Duke recruiting classes got, they are solid all the way around.

"I think we are very good," Hale stated. "From what I've seen I think we are going to be pretty tough."

"I think we are strong. We have some of the best underrated players. None of us are really rated high but we are some of the best," Swinton claimed. "A lot of teams and players are sleeping on us, but we are here to make some noise".

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