Skeen Talks At NBA Camp

Wake Forest's first recruit in the class of 2006 spoke with Evan Daniels of, and discussed his game, an elite player, and why he picked Wake Forest.

It's not everyday a top 50 player calls out the second best player in the nation. But 6-foot-8 Jamie Skeen did. The Wake Forest commit said that there's no way Kevin Durant should be rated the second best player in the country.

"The first game I did pretty good. I locked up the second best player in the nation," Skeen said. "I thought it was going to be a little bit harder, he wasn't all that good like I thought he was".

"Not really," Skeen responded when asked if he was motivated to go up against Durant. "I don't think he should be ranked the second best player in the nation, playing like that. He's so skinny and small. didn't see the match up between Skeen and Durant that occurred on the first day of NBA camp. However Skeen explained more about the showdown.

"Skinny people don't like people to lean on them," Skeen said. "So I leaned on him the game, and he only scored 7 points the whole game."

Skeen said he put up 17 on the 6-foot-9 small forward. Regardless of a Durant having a bad game, I still don't think you can drop him below the two spot. He's so long and rangy with his jump shot, and will make a great NBA player. did however, catch Skeen's match-up with Stanley Robinson today in the first session of games Thursday morning. Skeen battled in the paint for rebounds and had a few impressive lay ups as well. He also showed some range that I didn't know he had as he shot a couple of threes. He got fouled on one of them, and did miss the other, but the form was there.

Even though NBA camp does have the best collection of talent, according to Skeen it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

"It's ok. I think we spend more time in the classroom than playing basketball," Skeen said. While he's not sold on NBA camp he is sold on Wake Forest and explained why he chose to commit there.

"It reminds me of my high school. It's a mellow school, not a lot of trouble. It's a very small campus, only like 3,000 people I think I'll blend right in and not get any trouble or nothing."

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