NBA Camp: Final Evaluations

Final evaluations of Wake Forest targets from the NBA camp.

Jamie Skeen, 2006- The only Wake Forest commit in attendance at the NBA Camp had a solid overall week. Skeen showed up in the championship game and helped his team get the victory over Kevin Durant's team. Skeen plays hard, seems to always find an offensive board, and his jumper isn't bad either.

Ishmael Smith, 2006- The speedy point guard might have been the surprise of the camp. And not only did he earn the respect of some analysts, he also earned the respect from a number of his peers. He sees the court incredibly well, makes unbelievable passes, and pushes the ball every time it's in his hands. Smith didn't shoot the ball much at NBA camp, so it was hard to get a read on his jumper, though he did shoot the ball well at the North Carolina state games a week earlier.

Stanley Robinson, 2006- Wow! Robinson made just about every game he was in a dunk show. He had more tip dunks than anyone at camp. The athleticism he has is impressive and he has some range on his jump shot. He might have helped himself as much as anyone at the camp.

Alex Stepheson, 2006- As the camp went on, Stepheson got better. On the last day of NBA camp he stepped it up and he rebounded the ball well. One play, he grabbed the rebound with one hand and went straight back up and dunked it with one. He's strong, mobile, and when he plays hard he's a real tough player. Stepheson also confirmed on the final day of camp that Wake Forest is very much in the running for him.

Dennis Horner, 2006- Not only is he a shooter, but he plays hard as well. He hit the glass the last few games. He's long, lean, and has a pretty good stroke.

Duke Crews, 2006- Duke is a dunker. 75 percent of his points are dunks. Crews runs the floor well and is often a recipient of a few alley oop passes per game. There aren't many people that are as athletic as he is and when he dunks, he dunks hard -- He's even torn down a rim before. Crews mentioned earlier in the week that Wake Forest has recently contacted him.

Vernon Macklin, 2006- He's bouncy and athletic, but seems to have lapses at times. He doesn't play hard all the time, but when he does you can expect him to make a fantastic play. Macklin is usually good for at least one great play per game, but should do much more with his potential.

Lance Thomas, 2006- The 6-foot-7 forward had a pretty good week at camp. His mid range jumper is good, especially if he's shooting it off the dribble. He;s at his best when he's trying to get to the basket and going after rebounds. He made a lasting impression when he demolished Gerald Henderson off the dribble for an entire game.

Javaris Crittenton, 2006- Coming off a rough week off of the basketball court, Crittenton didn't look totally like himself. He's still the most athletic point guard out there and his jump shot continues to improve.

Will Walker, 2006- Walker is a solid point guard, nothing more and nothing less. He knows how to run a team and is just about always passing first. He shoots the three-pointer pretty well, he just doesn't shoot it often. He'll be a good pickup for any team.

Corey Stokes, 2007- Not a great week of camp, but not a bad one either. Stokes had trouble knocking down his jump shot the first few days. However, he has shown flashes of a good jump shot occasionally. I'd like to see him go to the basket a little more as he is pretty athletic.

Eric Wallace, 2007- When looking at him you expect so much. He didn't have a great week of camp, but he did get better as the camp went on. His jump shot is still suspect but his athleticism is not. He will be a player, he just needs to work on some things. The potential is there.

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