Pre-July 2007 T-50

The Class of 2007 is shaping up to be quite a group. In fact, new players are cropping up into the national consciousness with each outing. Guys like Chris Wright out of Ohio is just one of many movers and shakers on this list. Meanwhile, Alex Legion took his place in the Top 10!

O.J. Mayo has managed to fend off all comers … so far!

The Class of 2007, especially at the top, looks like it could be one of the stronger groups of the past few years. A top five of Mayo, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Cole Aldrich and Bill Walker is strong.

Each one of those guys earned their way into the Top 5 but kids like Kyle Singler, Derrick Rose, Alex Legion and a host of others are contending for their spots during the ever-important month of July. Pre-Summer 2007 Top 50

We've also tried to breakdown the class by position and ranked out the Top 15 players at each position. Once you have perused through the Top 100, follow the links on the page for the top players by position.

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