Wake Forest - Pepperdine Post Game

Wake Forest postgame quotes from Broderick Hicks, Craig Dawson, and Skip Prosser after the Demon Deacons' win over Pepperdine in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

WFU coach Skip Prosser on not starting Josh Howard:
"He hasn't practiced for three days. So, it really wasn't like the decision to invade France on D-Day...Most of the time you have to practice to play and I thought he showed tremendous courage in giving it a shot. We practiced over at Christian Brothers High School the other day and I thought he sort of had a miraculous recovery. I didn't know the Christian Brothers had that in them. But, he was a lot when we shot at ARCO than when we practiced at Christian Brothers. We were hopeful he could help us today and I don't think there was any question he did help us."

WFU coach Skip Prosser on WFU and the seniors' accomplishments:
"A lot of things haven't happened at Wake since Duncan. And I think the seniors deserve the lion's share of the credit for this."

Craig Dawson on being able to play in his first NCAA Tourney:
"Yeah, it felt great. Not being able to play last year, it was really tough for me sitting on the sidelines with an injury so as soon as I saw our name go on the board last Sunday, it was very gratifying just to know that I was going go play in my first NCAA Tournament and when I got out there, all the emotions I expected to have, they came immediately and it was a great feeling to get a win."

Craig on his hot stretch in the second half:
"I just got a lot of open looks. My teammates did a great job of finding me when I was open and that's something I really thrive on. They just told me not to worry about the shots that didn't fall in the first half but just keep that confidence up. When your teammates have that kind of confidence in you, it's not really hard to knock down shots when they are trying to get you open and throwing you the ball in those situations."

Craig Dawson on the win:
"It's the best feeling that I've had since I've been here. Nothing can compare to it, not even the NIT Championship. Just being here and getting the win is great but we're not satisfied at all. We're happy to get the win but we still have a long way to go and it starts again Saturday."

Broderick Hicks on getting off to a good start:
"What coach has been preaching us all year long, emotion and energy, just coming out ready to play. It was an early morning game. The atmosphere - it was a good atmosphere but it wasn't that loud, wasn't that lively so we had to get ourselves ready to play and I think we did that. That's why we jumped out to a nice lead."

Broderick Hicks on defense and patience:
"All week long the coaches stressed keep[ing] them in front of you when we're on defense and when we're on offense just be patient...We knew they weren't a patient team - they're a good team but they have a lot of athletes, a lot of scorers, and we knew if stay patient, maybe we would get them nervous or out of their game. We owe that to the coaches - they did a great job in preparing us..."

Broderick Hicks on Pepperdine getting the lead in the 2nd half:
"We're not really a panicking team. We're a veteran team, we've been up by 20, we've been down but 20, we've come back, we've had people come back on us so if we haven't seen it all, we've seen close to it. So, we not one to panic but we just knew we had to play good defense and then go on the other end and execute our sets and when we do that we're a good team. We just told each other 'keep fighting on defense, fight for the rebounds, and on offense just be patient."

Broderick Hicks on guarding Devin Montgomery in the second half with a triangle & two:
"In the triangle, I just did my job I guess. He brought the ball up and once he let it go I tried to not let him get it back. And that did slow him down some and force other players to make shots which the did for a while but we would rather them beat us that Montgomery."

Broderick on hugging Darius as the Deacs closed in on a win:
"This is what we've worked so hard for not only for four years, but this year. All I could think about to be honest was the joy last Sunday when they put our name on the board and then as soon as they put our name on the board the said we were the upset special of the tournament. We played with a chip on our shoulder all year as coach said we had to play with a chip on our shoulder all year and the excitement of being in the tournament was great but then it was fueled by them picking us to lose. We know we worked too hard to just roll over but we also knew we were playing a great great team and so we weren't going to die easy but we also knew we deserved to be here, we deserved to win."

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