DeaconSports Joins TheInsiders: What It Means has partnered up with TheInsiders to bring our users the best recruiting and Wake Forest news available. This article relays the reasons behind the move and what this move means for the site and users.

On March 8, 2002, and TheInsiders officially partnered together in order to bring the best Wake Forest content possible to the Wake Forest fan online.

While DeaconSports or its previous properties at Geocities have always enjoyed being an independent site, we felt that this move would end up being a great move for both the site and our visitors on the site.

The move will give DeaconSports some of the best technology around in which to produce WFU content and recruiting information. It will also allow for easier access to other recruiting gurus that will be able to provide the latest WFU recruiting information for the's users. Access to thousands of game photos and pictures of recruits was also a positive factor in our decision.

The move will also allow us to continue and to strengthen our relationship with ACCBoards. By joining TheInsiders, we will team with ACCBoards to produce the site while using ACCBoards' message boards as well.

Another reason for the move was the sheer cost of maintaining a website. For four years, we have run the site out of pocket and the cost has become a burden. Joining TheInsiders will allow us to have less expenses and hopefully recoup some losses as well.

However, with the move comes premium subscriptions. While we will still have free stories up most days of the week, DeaconSports will also begin to provide premium content as well. In order to view this content brought to you by DeaconSports, DeaconSports readers will have to subscribe to the WakeInsiders Club here.

The cost for this is $5.95 if signing up for the monthly plan. Users can also buy the package for a whole year at a price of $59.95, a savings of two months. This cost, just over one dollar per week, will give you in-depth WFU recruiting coverage on DeaconSports and much more WFU sports information. Premium content will likely begin within the next couple of days.

Many of you have also expressed interest in the Recruiting Pass that will allow you access to non-team specific recruiting sites on TheInsiders network. It also gives you full access to the recruiting databases on TheInsiders. This pass is also available here.

Thanks for sticking with us through the move and we hope that you will enjoy the new and improved content we are able to provide through TheInsiders.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact me at

-Spencer Cagle

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