Hill Holds Nine Offers

Each year the Las Vegas AAU tournaments provide a handful of players that jump from the mid-major level to the high major level, and Matt Hill is another prospect that proved he can play with the big boys.

"At this time of the year, post prospects are at a premium and to find a guy with size, skills and grades (3.5 GPA) is the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket," Dave Telep said of Matt Hill last week.

Hill, who averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds a game this past season, is really seeing his recruitment grow. He has offers from Nebraska, Creighton, Purdue, Nevada, Gonzaga, Utah, Texas, West Virginia, and Virginia. Hill also said that Wake Forest and North Carolina have been in contact recently.

With nine scholarship offers on the table, Hill has a lot to think about. But before he makes any kind of decision he wants to go on his official visits. Hill will begin taking his visits when schools starts and he said that he hopes to take his first official visit the weekend of September 2nd.

"It's always nice to stay close to home," Hill explained when asked about distance being a factor. "I'm going to take some visits this fall. If I like a school that's farther away and it fits me, then I'll move. I'm not afraid to move."

But there are other factors that will play into his decision as well, and playing time seems to be one of the primary factors in his decisions.

"I think playing time will play into it a lot," Hill said. "Like I said location will play into it and whether we'll make it to the NCAA tournament."

 Hill has not spoken to Wake's coaches, though his father has been in touch with the staff. Stay tuned to DeaconSports in the coming months for more on Hill's recruitment.

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