Practice Report: August 4th

Notes from Day I of Wake's football practices in Winston-Salem.

The team broke up in positon groups and went through some standard drills for each unit in Thursday's workout. Running backs practiced taking hand-offs and catching passes out of the backfield while the QBs practiced taking snaps and quite a bit of throwing to receivers and backs. Offensive linemen pacticed cut blocks and standard drive blocking. DEs were practicing staying low by rushing underneath a low bar and using their hands to free themselves from blockers. LBs and the secondary spent time on coverage drops, different zone coverages, and fumble/interception drills. People who stood out or surprised were:

Riley Skinner who has a live arm and is VERY accurate. He appears to be a little taller than Cory or Ben but not as filled out.

Matt Brim seems to have toned up quite a bit and looks quicker.

Barrett McMillin is a very big guy who looks well put together.

Damon McWhite was wearing a bulky knee brace but told me the knee was doing great.

Richard Belton played at the fullback spot and looks promising there.

Mike Rinfrette is a huge kid who has a bright future at fullback and did I mention he was BIG?

Travo Woods is at TB

Ted Randolph is going to scare a lot of LBs and DBs in the ACC before he is through

The entire LB crew looks very fast and strong. I was really surprised how big Eric Berry and Antonio Wilson were.

DEs looked very quick, tall but still somewhat on the lean side..John Russell looked quite strong for a freshman but is shorter than Davis, Drumgoole, and Thompson

Boo Robinson is over 300 lbs by looking at him and Zach Stukes looked very good and appears to have grown.

Benjamin Mauk has an absolute cannon and made some really nice throws during the 7 on 7 drills and one of his top targets was Cory Randolph.

Zac Selmon, Dan Callahan, and John Tereshinski all showed good hands and JT has put on some much needed size.

Chris Davis, Willie Idlette, and Kevin Marion are all very fast men who all made some tough catches in traffic.

Plack has a leg that will earn him a spot playing on Sundays soon and Swank is not far behind him in strength

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