Mandeldove Favors Two

The Wake Forest coaches were out on the recruiting trail for a few weeks in July and one of the main targets seemed to be Jonathan Mandeldove. The Georgia native spoke with Evan Daniels of and revealed a top two.

Jonathan Mandeldove was out to prove a point this summer. The 7-footer from Stone Mountain, GA., wanted to show that he could compete with the best. And for the most part he did.

Throughout the summer Mandeldove showcased his strong defensive ability. He ran the floor end to end very well and showed that he could match up with some of the best big men in his class.

"I did and I didn't. But I think I still have a lot more to prove as the years go on," he said when asked if he thought he proved his point. "[I need] to show that I am a top notch player that they should go after and they should sign right away."

Mandeldove made it no secret that he loves to play defense as well, and said that his offense is what he's concentrating on improving at this point.

"I'm a defensive oriented player that loves to play defense. I still need to work on my offensive game even though I have it. I just need to show it with confidence."

Confidence is something Mandeldove is gaining a lot of each time out on the court. This summer especially helped him become more sure of himself and his game.

"I worked on my confidence especially for myself and for my game," Mandelove said. "I went out there to prove something to people who really didn't look at me in the beginning. And now that they are looking at me, my confidence is building up and I'm becoming a better player with confidence."

Mandeldove was at a number of events this summer including Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, the adidas May Classic, adidas Superstar Camp, adidas Showtime, and the Super 64. A number of coaches were able to lay eyes on him, and his recruitment has progressed since then.

Among the schools interested in him right now are Missouri, Connecticut, Wake Forest, Alabama, Virginia, Miami (FL), and Memphis. Mandeldove believes that all seven have offered but says that UConn and Wake Forest are his top two schools.

"At first they started building the program with guards and now the big men are holding the program down," Mandeldove said when asked why he liked UConn. "They had Charlie go in the draft and Josh will go in the draft next year probably. They showed that they work their big men a lot and their big men progress as they stay at their school."

"Tim Duncan is one of my favorite players. I had to consider Wake Forest. They work well with their big men," he said of Wake Forest. But they don't have a lot of big men, they've got a lot of 6'9 power forwards. I'm looking at that situation where I might be able to come in and play as a freshman."

He has yet to take visits to any of the schools on his list, but he said that he hopes to begin taking them soon. While the visit will definitely factor into his decision he also said that he wants to mesh with the coach.

"As long as I get a good vibe from the coaches and I feel comfortable in that area and the situation that they have," Mandeldove said about his college choices. "That's just about it. I just want to play basketball. I want to play basketball at the collegiate level."

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