Audibles: Riley Skinner

Demon Deacon freshman quarterback Riley Skinner knows what it's like to play big-time football. The 6'1, 195 pound gunslinger played at The Bolles School, one of the top football programs in the state of Florida. Still, his jump from high school to the collegiate level has been a big change for him.

"It's been a lot different," Riley Skinner said of his time at Wake Forest. "It's been a good different though. We spend a lot more time in the film room here than we did in high school. It's a big step – all the mental stuff to get prepared.

"Everyone that comes from high school will be physically prepared, now it's just a whole different level of mental awareness of the offense and defenses," he continued. "That's the toughest part, but through film and playbook study and coaching we've been able to get it down pretty well and we'll be ready for the first game."

With Ben Mauk and Cory Randolph already experienced at the quarterback position, Skinner plans to redshirt this year. With that in mind, recent practices have allowed for less reps for Skinner, but he knows those reps in practice will come. "Now we're starting to get Ben and Cory ready for the season," he said. "Before that, we've been getting some reps and learning the offense and that's been going pretty well. I've started picking it up pretty good. There's so much more I need to learn, but that will come through watching the guys who know it.

"It's going pretty well right now," he continued, "so now as we get prepared for the season, it's up to me to get mentally prepared to help the defense if we're doing scout team and know the offense in case something happens and one of the other quarterbacks need to step up. Reps will come, but right now we've got to know what to do before we get in there."

While redshirting will help Skinner learn on the field, it will also help him maintain his focus in the classroom as well. The Jacksonville, Florida native was able to attend summer school's second session, however, and did very well in his classes. "Summer session went well…But that's summer session, I don't know what's going to go on during the year, but it's been going good so far."

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