Scrimmage Quotes: Mason, Idlette, & Grobe

Quotes from Demon Deacon head coach Jim Grobe, receiver Willie Idlette, and cornerback Aaron Mason.

Willie Idlette:
On the scrimmage:
We came out real flat, but we've got to step it up. It's kind of hard to go out against our defense. They know our offense, we're not playing against a team we're going to be playing down the road.

On the receivers' performance Thursday:
A lot of dropped balls. The rain, yeah, but we're receivers, we've got to catch the ball. That's what we're out there to do.

On this past season:
Last year, I had the sophomore slump which it was. I've got to step it up.

On his summer preparation for the season:
It's been alright. We've just been working out and trying to focus for the season. Coach Grobe has been talking about taking it one game at a time and we've been focusing, preparing for Vandy. We've been running routes and one-on-ones in the summer with DBs.

On what he is working on as the Vandy game approaches:
It's the little things. Coach Sherman is always talking about the little things. Running routes, coming off of breaks, doing cone drills, ball drills, the little things that help us.

On finding out everyone is eligible academically:
That's definitely good knowing everybody is going to be around for the fall to help us. We need everyone we can have out there to help us win the games in the fall so it's great to have everyone able to come out there.

Aaron Mason:
On the scrimmage:
The defense as a whole came out to play. Last Saturday the offense came out and so today we felt we had something to prove. We came out to play and everybody got it done today.

On what Wake fans can expect from him this season:
I'm hoping big things. Football isn't a one man game and we've all got to come together. We've got some young talent at corners in Kevin Patterson and Alphonso Smith so we should be fine.

Jim Grobe
On determining which freshmen will play:
It's kind of ongoing. We go day-to-day with that. A lot depends on how the older guys are performing and injuries. So far, I think the guy we're really expecting to play for us is Chris DeGeare. We could end up with somebody else playing for us but right now that's the one that looks most likely.

Coach Grobe's thoughts on the scrimmage:
I don't know that we can tell a lot because of the weather. I think we'll get some individual stuff done -- a look at individual performances. As a team offensively and defensively, I'm not sure with the conditions we practiced in, especially early as it got better later, but I'm not sure how much we'll be able to tell.

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