Q&A with ESPN's Greg Anthony

DeaconSports sat down with ESPN NBA Analyst Greg Anthony to discuss the upcoming NBA Season for former Deacon players Josh Howard and Chris Paul.

On Josh Howard

"I think Josh Howard is going to be one of the catalysts for their success. I have always loved his talent. I thought it was a steal when they got him in Dallas because he is a winner…he plays winning basketball. He's a great defender. He can make plays. He has improved his jump shot. And I think you are going to see him take on a greater role with that team, especially since they have lost Michael Finley. In part that is why that move was made, to give him and Marquis Daniels opportunities to kind of expand their games. And they're going to have to. In order for Dallas to go to another level, Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels' games have to flourish. The only way they are going to get the opportunity is with time and that what the departure of Michael Finley will provide."

On Chris Paul

"I think Chris Paul is a phenomenal talent and will be ready from day one to be honest with you. The problem Chris Paul is going to find is that his team is not ready from day one. They're going to struggle. And the hardest part for a competitor is to lose. It mentally can wear on you, especially on young guys. Winning is the hardest thing there is to do in the sport and when you don't get the opportunity to win consistently, it's easy to forget how to win. So, that's what he's going to have to fight against and he [is] going to have to hope his front office is good enough to develop the talent there and bring in new talent there before he gets too familiar to losing."

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