Quotes: Wake vs. Clemson

Quotes from Wake's win over Clemson.

Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe On the win:
"We went in at halftime and I told the team, `There isn't anything I can really say to you.' I wish I could just go out and give them some stirring halftime speech, but it was just one of those deals where the kids had to have a little heart and character and go out and find a way to win. It wasn't really pretty but we found a way. We needed a lot of defibrillators there at the end.

On the team's morale:
We've had some pretty good ones, but it's been so long for our staff. We lost so many heartbreakers last year and we were just wondering when {a win} was coming so it was fun to see that. The best thing about is we just put on the kids at halftime and said, `Guys if you want to win a game, go win it. We can't do anymore for you right now, you got to go do it.' There is a great sense of satisfaction with this football team.

On Cory Randolph and the passing game:
I think one of the factors was they were not letting us run our zone play. Whether it was an inside zone or an outside zone, those are our two favorite football plays and they just wouldn't let us run them. It was almost one of those deals where we were forced to throw the football and thank goodness Cory did a nice job. We decided we were going to beat them running between the tackles.

On his expectations of Cory Randolph:
This is the Cory Randolph we always expected. This is a guy who went out tonight and the thing I was so impressed with him was he did a really good job making decisions. They weren't always right but he was making decisions and he never had any throws where it looked like he was trying to make things happen in a hurry. I am just very impressed with him.

Wake Forest wide receiver Kevin Marion On the touchdown:
"They thought I was doing a slant the whole time. I went down and I knew I could be the hero. We just go with the flow and suck it up for the team. We just had to focus. We were still in the game, so we had to go out and play like Deacs play. Cory's a good player; he just came back and played like he needed to play."

Wake Forest safety Patrick Ghee On the last play:
"I didn't know it was the three-yard line. I was playing underneath coverage, so I trailed their number one receiver. I see Whitehurst throw the ball and the guy catches it and came my way. My first thought was to keep him in bounds and make the tackle. I didn't know it was the three-yard line. I just made the tackle. We stopped them and it felt great. I see the whole sideline run on the field to celebrate, and I ran and joined them."

Wake Forest quarterback Cory Randolph On the game:
"It was a great game by 10 other guys on the field. The offensive line did an excellent job all night. Chris Barclay, there aren't enough words to describe that guy. Micah did a good job coming and spelling him. The young receivers came in and did an excellent job. Those guys really came together today and got a good victory when we needed a victory."

On returning to quarterback:
"Once you develop skills, you don't really lose them. After the first couple plays, you remember what you're doing out there. We just had fun."

On the last drive:
"We went to our 2-minute (offense). We called a couple plays and had a stalemate at midfield, and then Damon (McWhite) made a big catch and run. Then Chris (Barclay) came in and made another big run. Coach came to me and said we're going to take a shot at the end zone."

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