Williams Team Oriented

DURHAM, N.C. --- From an individual standpoint, Marshall Williams had an off night – two catches for 23 yards – during Durham Riverside's 22-6 defeat of Durham Hillside. However, like a true team player, Williams will gladly take that stat sheet as long as his team gets the "W."

"I felt like I could have gotten the ball a little bit more, but as long as we get the win that's most important," said Williams. "It's a little frustrating, but it's all about the team so I'm willing to take a sacrifice any day in my stats. Stats are nothing; it's all about the win – that's the number one stat."

Williams, a 6-foot-1, 165-pound wide receiver, recorded both of his catches in the first half of Friday's conference match-up.

With the lead, Riverside resorted to a run dominated offense in the second half to help kill the clock limiting Williams' opportunities. Furthermore, when a pass play was called, Williams had shutdown junior cornerback Tyree Bullock on his hip and in his ear.

"Me and Tyree go way back to little Pop Warner days," said Williams. "He was under me and we are friends. He might talk a little smack, but I don't really talk too much. Every time he talked I'd just say ‘Hey look at the scoreboard.' But at the end of the game, we appreciate each other."

Williams, who pledged to Wake Forest over the summer, is sticking to his commitment despite the continued efforts of other schools.

"I still have schools like N.C. State, Maryland, Army, Clemson, and a couple other schools still recruiting me," said Williams. "I don't really pay attention any more [to other schools], because when I said I commit I believe that's my word and I have a strong foundation with Coach [Jeff] Mullen."

With the focus on just one school, Williams concentrates on preparing for his collegiate career and the possibility of early graduation.

"They are telling me, of course there's always the option of trying to play early and trying to graduate [high school] early," said Williams. "I know that I have a lot of work to do and I'm willing to do that work. But, if I get redshirted it's fine. Right now they're not doing too well at receiver so I believe I have a good chance. It's just going to take some work."

Last week, Williams was in attendance for Wake Forest's ACC opening match-up against Maryland and he also made the trip to Winston-Salem once again for the Deacons' bout with Clemson.

Despite sporting a 3-3 overall record, Riverside is 2-0 in conference. On the year, Williams has caught 22 passes for 339 yards and four touchdowns.

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