Win A Free Copy Of ACC Handbook 2006

The new edition of the ACC Handbook is now on newsstands. Check out an excerpt below and take a shot at the trivia question to win a free copy!

The ACC Handbook continues to be the ultimate conference basketball preview magazine. Entering its 32nd year, the Handbook is 186 pages that covers the nation's top hoops conference like none other.

There are in-depth overview stories by team beat writers on each squad and spotlight players, team-by-team analysis by Mike Gminski, lots of stats, insider quotes, a composite schedule, opponent previews, national Top 25, recruiting profiles by Dave Telep and a number of lengthy features about various conference topics.


DeaconSports is giving away a free copy of the 2006 ACC Handbook to the first three DeaconSports readers who can correctly answer the following two-part trivia question.

1) How many different Demon Deacon basketball players have led the ACC in scoring (all games) in a season?
2) What year did, formerly known as Cagle's Deacon Homepage, first begin?

Know the answers? Send them to Winners will be notified within 36 hours and your mailing address will then be requested.

The magazine hits newsstands this week, with a $5.95 cover price. You can order your copy today by calling 1-800-747-9287 or by going to

Here's an excerpt from the ACC Handbook's team overview story on Wake Forest...

Leaving along with Paul were three seniors, Taron Downey, Jamaal Levy and Vytas Danelius, who were on hand for 94 victories over their four years at Wake Forest. Few, if any, ACC teams other than North Carolina lost more.

But defiance seems to suit Prosser. He wears it well. And two months after Paul dropped the bombshell that he was leaving, Prosser was still expressing defiance to those predicting that Paul's departure would result in a tumble down the ACC standings.

"Our goals are not to run away and hide," Prosser said. "Hopefully we will still be standing and trying to compete for a championship at the end. It will be a different team, obviously ... But that's the nature of college athletics. Guys graduate and guys go into the NBA. But as far as goals and things we are trying to do, they don't change.

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