Songaila's Hoping For A Dream Come True

As Darius Songaila's time at Wake Forest comes to a close, he looks towards a future of basketball. Songaila has worked hard for years to reach one goal - to play basketball in the NBA. In the coming months, Darius Songaila is expected to reach that goal.

Wake Forest graduating senior Darius Songaila has put in four hard years of work in the Demon Deacon basketball program. Playing significant minutes for four years, Songaila has been able to improve his game to the point that he is one of the top basketball players in America.

Songaila loved every minute he spent at Wake Forest on the Winston-Salem, North Carolina campus.

"Every year was special in a way," the Lithuanian noted. "I had great moments and sad moments every year. Every year, the season ended it was sad, but then the new one started and I was happy again. It is hard for me to [give one favorite] memory because I have so many good memories."

Just playing with his fellow four-year senior basketball players was one of his greatest memories of his time at Wake Forest, however.

"One of [my favorite memories] is playing with these four guys: Antwan, Broderick, Craig and Ervin. We were the A, B, C, D, and E." Songaila went on to explain that those letters were the first letters of each one of the senior's first names.

"Every one of those guys had something special about him and I think they made me a better basketball player, a better teammate and [a better] person."

Now, as Songaila prepares for graduation, he has to plan for his future. Over the years, Songaila has played in the toughest conference in America and has also represented his homeland, Lithuania, in the Olympic Games. In the Olympics, Songaila helped lead his squad to a bronze medal.

As his time at Wake Forest comes to a close, Darius is looking towards his future, hopefully as an NBA star. "After playing for four years [at] Wake Forest and playing many other games during the summers and playing against the best players out there, [I have] enough confidence [that] I think I will be able to play in the NBA," Songaila said. "That is every basketball player's dream - to play in the best basketball league in the world, so it is my dream and I'm going to do everything that is in my power to get to that league."

Songaila continued to emphasize the NBA being his dream. "It would be my dream come true to be drafted in the first round because there were only two players from Lithuania that [have] done that before."

As far as who he wanted to play for, Songaila said it did not matter to him which team picked him up. "I don't care which team I will be playing for as long as I'm playing in the NBA," he said.

So for now, Songaila will just wait until draft day to see where he ends up. Between now and then he will continue to head to the gym, working on his game and preparing for the draft, hoping for a dream come true.


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