Williams Continues To Make Good Decisions

With the season rapidly approaching L.D. Williams, of Montverde Academy, is working his butt off to get ready for the season. The 6-foot-4 small forward clued Deaconsports.com in, on what exactly he is doing right now.

It's all about good decisions when it comes to L.D. Williams. And according to the Montverde product he has made a few really good ones as of late.

Both decisions had to do with attending schools. The first choice he made was to attend Montverde Academy in Florida.

"Coming to Florida, that was really tough. I struggled academic wise and athletic wise when I first came here," Williams said. "But after I talked to Coach and I got adjusted to the style and everything, every since then it's the best decision I could have made."

Something that makes Montverde so appealing is its' similarity to college. Williams is learning and getting to do everything at a college level, and when he is finally in college he'll have a leg up on the competition.

"This is a college preparatory school. Everything we do is at the collegiate level, academic wise and basketball the same. Like I told you our first practice was at 5 A.M. We've been working out at 5 A.M. since October. We do it on Saturdays; we do it six days a week."

Although Montverde is far from home, Williams decided to play basketball at Wake Forest, which is very close to his family.

"That is the best decision that I have made so far other than coming to Montverde. I mean it's a perfect fit for me," Williams said about his decision to attend Wake Forest. "It's close to home. The coaching staff is great. I mean I'm going to have a great opportunity to play in the best conference in collegiate basketball."

But proximity wasn't the only factor in Williams' decision to become a Demon Deacon. The coaching staff was a major issue, and according to Williams it played the biggest role in the decision making process.

"That was the biggest part of it. The coaching staff there is great. Coach Prosser is a down to earth type guy. When you need to be serious, you got to be serious. But when it's time to joke around, he's a coach that will joke with you."

It seems as if Williams isn't joking around when it comes to the game of basketball. Don't get me wrong he's a talkative kid with a great attitude, but he is definitely working hard and preparing himself for college basketball.

"Me personally I want to be able to lead my team. So going in to Wake Forest I want to know what it feels like to win championships, and that will just carry on there. I also want to improve my ball handling and my jump shot. Those three things will help me in the long run."

In able to lead his team, Williams has to work to be the best player that he can, and he is even putting in the extra work to make it happen.

"Most of the time it's with the team. But like on the weekend, not so much by myself, but me and like two other guys will go in and get on the gun, lift some extra weights and maybe run a mile."

While attending Montverde turned out to be a good decision and deciding to attend Wake Forest seems like a great decision. His decision to work hard and try to become the best player he can, is the best decision he will make.

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