Sutton Wants To Go To Wake Forest

Dominique Sutton went to The Patterson School to help improve his game and his grades. And they are both on the up-rise. caught up with Sutton to get an update on everything.

Preps schools are often used as a stepping stone, and for Dominique Sutton, a 6-foot-5 athletic wingman, going to The Patterson School was a great chance for him to get his grades in order and improve his game.

"Oh yeah, [I've improved] a lot in the classroom. I've been stepping it up in the classroom," Sutton explained. "I like the classrooms more, it's not too hard and we get more help one-on-one and everything."

With the type of players that The Patterson School have there is a whole lot of competition in practice. As well as Sutton the prep school has talented players such as Jerry Davon Jefferson, Jordan Hill, Seketoure Henry, and Kenyan Harman to just name a few.

So practices for the Bulldogs are just as competitive as most games. And Sutton thinks that the competition among his teammates has helped him improve his overall game.

"I'm doing pretty good so far. I'm stepping it up, and I'm trying to bring my A game. It's very good competition," Sutton said. "Since I've been here I've been playing for both two teams so I've been getting a lot of reps to keep my confidence up."

With the amount of talent at The Patterson School they have two teams. One team is called the Prep team and the other is called their high school team. In order for Sutton to continue to improve he has been playing with both teams.

"I like it, and I'm loving it right now. It's pretty good competition everyday so it's making me better."

Suttons recruitment is starting to take off as well. He has heard from Arizona, Washington, Florida, Wake Forest, Marquette, and Illinois. And he claims offers from Arizona and Florida.

"I'm just going to wait it out for a little while, and I'm going to take my visits my senior year."

However it seems like Sutton already knows where he wants to play college basketball.

"I'm still interested in Wake. That's where I want to go," Sutton said adamantly. "And most likely 95-percent that's where I am going to go. Right now I'm just working"…"most likely Wake is where I'm going."

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