Williams Ready For Wake

Marshall Williams' career has come to a close at Durham Riverside High School. With his senior season complete, the Demon Deacon wide receiver commitment now looks forward to his time in Winston-Salem.

"We had an alright year," Durham Riverside wide receiver Marshall Williams said. "We were 5-7. We had the potential to be a much better team but we had a quarterback situation that wasn't like it should have been...It was a little struggle, but overall we played pretty well. I did all I could to lead the team. It was a year we could never put the whole game together but it was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything."

While his team was 5-7, Williams believes he had a good season. "I think I did well," he noted. "My thing was to come back and have the same results with a quarterback that's not the same. I think I did good. I pride myself on YAC yards. I didn't have any bomb touchdowns because of the quarterback situation, so my touchdowns were 5-6 yard screens that went for 50-60 yards."

There is no doubt that Marshall Williams has the talent to become a great wide receiver at Wake Forest, but he must continue to work hard in order to do so – and he is already working towards preparing for next season. "I'm lifting my butt off," he said. "Keeping my footwork up and my hands ready. I know it is cold, but I've still got to go out and grind it. It's a whole new ball game at the college level...I love challenges and it's time to step up."

With an impressive senior season, schools continued to show interest in the three-star prospect. While there has been a disturbing trend of prospects committing and to a school and then reneging in recent years, this is not the case with Williams. Though he continues to be courted by several schools including N.C. State and Virginia, Williams remains committed to the Wake Forest program. "I'm very committed," he said. "I believe that my word is my bond. That's the school I committed to and they've stayed interested in me and that means I stay with them."

"I'm really excited [about Wake Forest,"] he continued. "Other schools are recruiting me still. I still get mail from diff schools like Virginia, N.C. State, Army, schools like that and I still read the mail. I collect it just to have it for when I'm older, but every school firmly knows that I'm committed to Wake by what I've said in every publication."

Williams has also formed a bond with several other Demon Deacon commitments. "After the games we go to the locker room and meet some of the guys we'll play with. All the recruits, we usually sit together too. Me and the QB [Zach MacDowall] that we got, we've gotten close together cause we've got to have a close connection. Me and Zach are cool. Me and Dennis Godfrey click and have known each other for a long time." Williams also noted that he is close with Matt Woodlief and Tripp Russell.

The Durham native was hoping to enroll in January. That, however, is still up in the air. "My plan was to enroll early but I'm not sure if that's going to work," he noted. "I've got to work out some things with my father."

Once he does arrive, however, Williams looks forward to going up against college level corners day-in and day-out. "I know the corners are going to make me good," he said. "I know Wake's got a real good corner in Alphonso Smith so I'm excited to go up against him."

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