2003 Recruiting Profile: Todd Hendley

This story is the recruiting profile for Wake Forest verbal commit Todd Hendley that includes a couple scouting reports on Hendley's game. We will have even more from Hendley in the coming days.

Name: Todd Hendley
Position: Forward
Hometown: Sanford, NC
School: Lee County Senior High
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210 pounds

June 17, 2002
May 29, 2002
May 14, 2002
May 9, 2002
May 8, 2002
    Todd Hendley, a 6'8" forward from Sanford, North Carolina, has verbally committed to Wake Forest. We have compiled our data and scouting reports on Hendley in this profile and will have his comments on Wake, his recruiting, and his future plans in the coming days.

May 6, 2002 - David Hall
    Wake Forest has received a verbal commitment from Todd Hendley and Chris Paul. Todd Hendley is more of a mystery. He's a guy who has received a little more attention this spring, and by the end of next season could be recognized as one of the top players in the state. I've seen him play at two different events, and one thing is absolutely certain - this guy can shoot the ball. There aren't any big men in the class of '03 who have a much better jumper than Todd. Todd also runs the floor extremely well, beating people his size down the floor on a consistent basis. Todd will need to get stronger around the basket, both in defending the post and rebounding. There is certainly the possibility that he'll eventually play some SF if he can improve his ability to guard on the perimeter. One thing is for sure - when you have the skills to put the ball in the basket like Todd has, you have a good chance of finding a spot in the line-up.

April 28, 2002 - Scouting Report @ AAU Championships from David Hall
    Todd Hendley 6-8 PF Raleigh Heat - About as good of a shooting big man you'll find in the class of 2003. Reached the 20-point mark in two separate games today, scoring from all over the court. Todd runs the floor very well and looks comfortable on the offensive end. My biggest question mark is his rebounding and defense. I think he'll need to improve in those areas to be a more complete player. Todd is under a lot of people's radar right now, but don't be surprised to see more big names showing interest. People who can score will always attract attention.

April 8, 2002 - Scouting Report @ Boo Williams from David Hall
    Todd Hendley 6-8 PF Sanford (NC) Lee County/NC Red Storm - A relatively new name to the list of possible Wake prospects. One of the best outside shooting big men all weekend. Can catch and shoot or step back and hit the jumper. Hit three quick 3-pointers the first game I watched, but became less effective as opponents realized he was not a threat to put the ball on the floor when he got it outside. Stays mainly on the perimeter offensively. Must improve his defense - was flat-footed on multiple occasions as opponents went around him to the hoop. Also needs to rebound better. This weekend he seemed to put a lot more effort into the offensive end of things.

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