Thursday Shrine Bowl Notebook

ROEBUCK, SC -- With practices over for all intents and purposes, it is time to look at where the player stand by checking in on the top 30 prospects in each state heading into Saturday's game.

Shrine Week North Carolina Top 30
RankPrevNamePosHigh School (St.)Commit
11 Carl JohnsonOLSouthern Durham (N.C.)Florida
22 Brandon SpikesLBShelby Crest (N.C.) 
33 Aleric MullinsDTEast Wake (N.C.) 
44 Deunta WilliamsSWhite Oak (N.C.)North Carolina
55 Crezdon ButlerCBAsheville (N.C.)Clemson
610 Raeshon McNeilCBDavie County (N.C.)Notre Dame
714 Hakeem NicksWRIndependence (N.C.)North Carolina
86 Josh AdamsRBCary (N.C.) 
97 Shaun DraughnSTarboro (N.C.)North Carolina
108 Lamarcus BondWRHertford County (N.C.) 
119 Johnny WhiteRBAsheville (N.C.)North Carolina
1211 Rico BellSVance (N.C.)Virginia
1312 OC WardlowQBMount Tabor (N.C.)Virginia
1413 Ricardo CrawfordDTWest Columbus (N.C.)Georgia
1516 Norman WhitleyRBRichmond Senior (N.C.) 
1615 Vince JacobsTEProvidence Day (N.C.)North Carolina
1719 Hutch EckersonOLLumberton (N.C.) 
1825 Dennis GodfreyTELee Senior (N.C.)Wake Forest
1924 Ryan TaylorTEMount Tabor (N.C.)North Carolina
2017 Bruce CarterLBHavelock (N.C.)North Carolina
2118 Tavares BrownDTRichmond Senior (N.C.) 
2220 Kendric BurneyCBSouthwest Onslow (N.C.)North Carolina
2321 Moncell AllenRBProvidence Day (N.C.)Kentucky
2422 Owen SpencerWRNorth Brunswick (N.C.)NC State
2523 Marshall WilliamsWRRiverside (N.C.)Wake Forest
2627 Nathaniel IrvingLBWallace Rose Hill (N.C.)NC State
2726 Chris DaltonWRWest Iredell (N.C.)Virginia
2828 Gavin SmithOLWakefield (N.C.)NC State
2929 Greg EllebeDTSouth Columbus (N.C.)North Carolina
30NR Matthew WoodliefLBBandys (N.C.)Wake Forest

Shrine Week South Carolina Top 30
RankPrevNamePosHigh School (St.)Commit
12 Ricky SappDEBamberg Ehrhardt (S.C.)Clemson
21 Clifton GeathersOLCarvers Bay (S.C.) 
33 Prince MillerCBByrnes (S.C.)Georgia
44 Adam PattersonDTRichland Northeast (S.C.) 
55 Byron MaxwellCBFort Dorchester (S.C.)Clemson
69 Darius GaitherSFairfield Central (S.C.) 
78 Julius WilkersonLBGaffney (S.C.)Clemson
86 Ben AlexanderDTTL Hanna (S.C.)Texas
910 Garrett AndersonOLDutch Fork (S.C.)South Carolina
1013 DeKoda WatsonDESouth Aiken (S.C.) 
117 Ronnie TylerRBWagener-Salley (S.C.)Georgia
1211 Rodney PaulkLBRichland Northeast (S.C.)South Carolina
1312 Moe BrownWRWestside (S.C.)South Carolina
1415 Keith GrahamWRWest Ashley (S.C.) 
15NR Jamal MedlinOLO'burg-Wilkinson (S.C.) 
1614 Tori ChildersWRRock Hill (S.C.) 
17NR D.J. MooreCBBroome (S.C.)Vanderbilt
1816 Mike WadeQBRiverside (S.C.)Clemson
1919 B.J. PhillipsQBSpring Valley (S.C.) 
20NR Foxy FoxworthTEWando (S.C.) 
2117 Josh HarrisonOLLake City (S.C.) 
2218 LaMarckus BoswellWRGreenville (S.C.) 
23NR Roddell CarterWRWando (S.C.) 
2420 Jayson AyersDEMarlboro County (S.C.) 
25NR Nick ProchakQBSpartanburg (S.C.) 
2622 Sterling BluntTEHemingway (S.C.) 
2723 Steven GouletWRDutch Fork (S.C.)Vanderbilt
2824 Armanti EdwardsQBGreenwood (S.C.) 
29NR Chris DonaldsonDTWestside (S.C.) 
3026 Ameer SalahudinCBTL Hanna (S.C.)Kentucky

Tavares Brown
From Rivals to Allies: Just like any other level of football, high school football thrives in the rivalry area. The interesting thing about all-star games like the Shrine Bowl is the unification of bitter rivals.

During the season, for example, Charlotte Independence and Matthews Butler, as well as Richmond County and Fayetteville Britt exhibit some of the most heated battles. However, North Carolina's roster includes two players from each of the four aforementioned schools that have put their rivalries aside to beat South Carolina.

"It's just like a big all-star team," said Richmond County's Tavares Brown. "We don't even talk about the games we've played among each other. We all just play as a team and we all just have fun."
The Old Championship Nix: In 2001, South Carolina beat North Carolina by a score of 17-0. What the box score fails to mention is the players and coaches that missed the game because they were playing in a state championship game the same day. Among the missing included head coach Harold Robinson, the state's leading receiver Mario Raley, and the state's leading rusher T.A. McClendon.

The next year, the Shriners moved the Shrine Bowl back a week to accommodate players and coaches participating in the North Carolina

Without the shift in the schedule, players like Johnny White, Nate Irving, Scott Gunn, Pierre Andrews, Morgan Randall, Crezdon Butler, and Hakeem Nicks all would have missed Saturday's Shrine Bowl putting the Tar Heels at a severe disadvantage.
Attack of the Little Man: Although Adrian Williams is the smallest player on North Carolina's roster at a generous listing of 5-foot-9, the nose guard might be the best player pound-for-pound on both squads.

"Being smaller, I have to work a lot harder," said Williams. "I got to get lower than them [the bigger guys]."

Stanley Taylor
Williams has gone as far as to put quite a few of his North Carolina teammates on their backs during practice. While Williams will not name the fellow North Carolinians he has embarrassed, although we saw him knock down the biggest of them all in offensive tackle Carl Johnson, he is more than happy to reveal who he will pancake Saturday.

"I'm going to try to put them all down," said Williams with a laugh.

South Carolina's Stanley Taylor is the smallest player on either team. A 5-5, and weighing 150 pounds soaking wet, which is not a good idea in this cold weather, but he is more of a waterbug that can make any of the South Carolina members miss.

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