Deacs In Jasper's Final Two

Safety DeRon Jasper took an official visit to Wake Forest this past weekend and came away impressed with what he saw in Winston-Salem.

"I really enjoyed it," DeRon Jasper said. "It was a very good experience. I went in not expecting much but I liked everything. The school there, great facilities, and the coaches were great which I already knew coming in. The players were cool and they were kind of like me so I enjoyed that. I just really enjoyed campus life at Wake Forest."

"Of course the big thing was the Duke – Wake Forest game," Jasper continued. "That was the highlight I guess you would say. I went with my host and a couple other teammates. That was good so I could learn the guys outside of football. We really just got a chance to hang out Saturday night with the players and I hung out with a recruit mostly, Michael [Parker."]

After visiting the Deacs, just two schools remain for the 6'3, 195-pound safety out of Dunwoody High School in Georgia. "They're definitely one of the top two and it's still between Wake Forest and Georgia Tech," he said. "I haven't made up my mind yet. One night I might be Georgia Tech and then Wake so it's back and forth."

Though Jasper is trying to refrain from putting a distinct timeframe on his decision, it could be done within the next week. "It's just [going to be] my feeling towards the school," he said. "I'm learning new stuff about each school daily. They're very similar so it's not one thing that will make me go to Georgia Tech over Wake Forest or Wake Forest over Georgia Tech."

Though he has had plenty of contact with coaches through in-home visits and phone calls in recent weeks, Jasper's final decision will come strictly from his gut feeling and talks with his dad. "Of course people call and do the in-home visits all the time, but it's a dead week so my dad and I have been talking every night since Sunday about schools."

Jasper expects to continue to talk things out with his dad until he comes up with a final decision in which he is comfortable.

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