2003 Recruiting Profile: Dustin Wade

Profiling 2003 football prospect Dustin Wade. from Parkview High School in Georgia. Dustin, the #60 quarterback nationally, is still looking for his first offer.

Name: Dustin Wade
Position: Quarterback
Hometown: Lilburn (GA)
School: Parkview
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds

August 4, 2002
    Dustin Wade is still waitng on his first offer but a host of schools continue to recruit him and his father tells DeaconSports that Middle Tennessee State "is real close to offering him." Wake Forest is one of many other schools that continue to recruit Wade.

    So far this summer, Wade has camped at Georgia, Florida, Georgia Tech, Middle Tennessee State, and Nike Camp.

    Wade and his Parkview High team are currently gearing up for the 2002 season. At this point, The Sporting News has Parkview as the #2 high school team nationally.

    Stay tuned to DeaconSports for the latest on Wade's recruitment.

May 24, 2002
    Dustin Wade is a quarterback prospect Coach Grobe and his staff are actively recruiting. This past season, Wade passed for almost 2100 yards with 26 passing touchdowns and five more rushing touchdowns.

    Wade's team has won back-to-back State Championships in the State of Georgia. In the past two seasons, his high school went an incredible 30-0.

    So far, the Wade family notes that he has taken visits to Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Furman. We are told that Wade really likes those three schools, Wake Forest, Virginia, and Marshall.

    Dustin benches 285, runs a 4.8 forty and has a 3.2 GPA.

April 23, 2002 - Scott Kenndey, Border Wars

    One of the most important attributes a quarterback can have is a stable pocket presence. Dustin Wade is as cool as a cucumber in the pocket. Some of his calmness might have something to do with the fact that he may play for a worse offensive line in college than 2-time state champion Parkview. But that thought would be selling Mr. Wade short. He is simply unflappable in the pocket.

    This weekend in the NFL draft, viewers heard Coach Jimmy Johnson talk about having a winning quarterback, saying you don't need a great quarterback to win, just one that will make the right decisions, not turn the ball over, and make the throws that he has to. Dustin Wade is a winning quarterback, unfortunately for opponents, he's also a great quarterback. He can throw the ball with touch. He has a high release point to prevent batted down balls. Wade is a passer, not a thrower: meaning, he throws the ball as hard as he needs to, and throws a very catchable ball.

    In this clip of Parkview's last regular season game against Dacula, Wade makes all the throws while displaying his uncanny ability to stay calm under fire. He throws the crossing route, the shovel pass, the fade, and on his most impressive throw, he escapes the rush and shows off his arm to hit a receiver coming back to him.

    In summary, the 6-2 and 190 pound Wade can make all of the throws, and he scores a 10 in the category of "Pocket Presence", but don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

    Dustin Wade

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