TOC Report - Player Evaluations

David Hall's day three report from the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. Included are his thoughts on various potential Wake Forest targets and their performance in the tournament.

Here's my thoughts on some TOC performers. All of these players are potential Wake targets to differing extents, ranging from players like Chris Taft who are doubtful to ever end up at Wake Forest, to players like Anthony King who have made it clear that the Deacons are at the top of the list.

Three common factors for most of the TOC action this weekend to keep in mind - talented big men not getting enough touches, athletic wings attacking the basket, and a lack of accurate outside shooters.

Anthony "PJ" Tucker 6-5 PF NC Gaters - PJ was as impressive as anyone at the TOC. I've written about PJ before, and my opinion hasn't changed. This guy is a warrior who punishes opponents around the basket, and relentlessly attacks on offense until the ball is in the hoop. Still doesn't have an accurate jumper. Can he play PF in college at 6-5? Does he have the quickness to guard small forwards? These are the questions that college coaches will have to ponder in deciding if PJ should get an offer. Wake would have a great shot at PJ if they offered right now, but Skip Prosser won't have the luxury of waiting too much longer before several other attractive offers come PJ's way.

Boubacar Coly 6-9 C Atlanta Celtics Black - Boubacar is a good example of a big man not getting a lot of touches over the weekend. He did display a smooth shooting touch from the baseline. Extremely athletic, he uses his long arms to aggressively go after blocked shots. Extremely quick getting up and down the floor.

Warren Scott 6-8 F Panthers Select - Is now going by his middle name, Jarvelle. Textbook example of a "tweener." Could not compete against most of the post defenders he went up against this weekend, getting several shots packed and also often getting stripped of the ball when making post moves. Not quick enough to play on the perimeter. Has a decent jumper, but not good enough for it to be his bread and butter. Not overly quick or explosive. I will be surprised if he is a priority for Wake after this weekend.

Jeremy Ingram 6-3 SG NC Red Storm - As I mentioned yesterday, Jeremy was one of the few players this weekend displaying a consistent deep jumper. Most people think he is Maryland's to lose, but Wake is probably running a close second. Despite various reports to the contrary, he does not have an offer from Wake on the table right now, but they are continuing to monitor his play. If Wake decides to land a SG, Jeremy very well could be their guy.

Anthony King 6-9 C/PF - NC Red Storm - Anthony has one overriding problem in his game right now - a lack of consistent intensity. When he goes hard, he is an effective scorer and rebounder. He doesn't have a lot of bounce, but he does have a good build and some nicely developed post moves.

Will Sheridan 6-8 PF/C Tim Thomas Playaz Gold - If you had to describe Will with one word, I would use "solid." Not an explosive athlete, but extremely active and willing to go head to head on both ends of the floor to get the job done. Excellent rebounder. Needs to improve his jumper. Not as much upside as some of the other big names of the weekend. Great student and very personable, he's the kind of player who will represent his school both on and off the court. I think Wake has a great shot at landing him, although there will be plenty of competition.

Hassan Fofana 6-10 C Middlesex Magic - Rock solid and very thick. Right now his defense is ahead of his offense, which consists mainly of using his bulk to back defenders down the lane. Will need to develop more posts moves in order to score points at the next level. Originally from Togo, he's showing interest in Wake and Maryland along with several schools in the Northeast.

James Lang 6-11 C Alabama Ice - One of the big stories of the weekend. This guy is absolutely huge, but stunned onlookers with his hops, agility and ability to get down the floor. As well-conditioned as you can be at 300 pounds. Has lost weight since last summer, but certainly could stand to lose 20 more pounds. Wake is on his current list, but things could change dramatically in the coming days when every coach in the Southeast tries to get in line for James.

Jermareo Davidson 6-10 PF/C Worldwide Renegades - Jermareo is no longer much of a secret. Any time a 6-10 player shows off some athleticism, word is going to spread quickly. This weekend he was somewhat inconsistent, making some eye-popping moves but also showing some bad hands on occasion. Appears to still be getting used to being 6-10. Spends a little too much time trying to handle the ball instead of making his mark around the basket. Good passer in tight space. Quick leaper. If he can gain some coordination and consistency, the sky is the limit.

Chris Taft 6-9 PF/C Worldwide Renegades - I think he's one of the top big men in his class, but it's hard to be certain after a weekend that lacked a lot of touches for Chris. He did get enough looks to impress me, although it seems a lot of others who saw him were somewhat disappointed. Can get up and down the court like a guard, and explodes off the floor. Has a beautiful scoring touch around the basket, but does need to improve his jumper (like most big men at this level). Needs to assert himself more on defense. Too often he would watch an opponent shoot the ball without even attempting to block the shot. With his athleticism, he should be much more of a force on defense. Questionable academics and a long list of big time programs in pursuit make it doubtful that Wake will be a serious contender.

Wayne Marshall 6-10 C Hunting Park Warriors - Wayne was the one player I wanted to see but fell victim to "too many prospects, not enough time." However, I did want to go ahead and list him just to keep him on the radar. I liked what I saw of him at the Southern Invitational, and I think he's a better post prospects than some other players you're reading about on this page.

Wesley Green 6-10 C Central Florida PAL Force - While Wesley has some nice scoring ability that other big men are still trying to develop, he does not overly impress me. Needs to be in a lot better shape, and also needs to step up the intensity. Doesn't get a lot of rebounds, especially considering his size. I think Wake can, and will, do a lot better in recruiting a post player.

Picture by Christopher Cagle

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