Checking In With Todd Hendley

DeaconSports checked in with 2003 Wake Forest basketball commit Todd Hendley to find what the Sanford, NC native was up to these days. Hendley talked with us about his concussions at the TOC, what he's working on these days, his friendship with Chris Paul, his plans for the summer, and one more prep star he's working to recruit to Wake Forest.

Those of you who saw Todd play before he was knocked out of the Tournament of Championships know he has a lot of game. His sense of humor isn't too bad either. When we reached the voice mail of the cell phone number his mother gave us, we got the following message: "After the message, leave a tone." While tempted to hum the tune of Wake Forest's fight song after "the message," I decided to hold off in order to save myself from embarrassment.

DeaconSports called Hendley back later on to check in with the Sanford native and see what was going on with the Wake Forest verbal commit these days. "Things are going pretty good right now," Hendley noted. "I've been working out a bunch but had to take three weeks off because of a concussion. We just had a tournament this past weekend at East Carolina."

Wondering exactly what happened to Hendley at the TOC when he got a concussion – or two? "We were in the game and I got an elbow to the face and I hit my head of the floor and blacked out a little bit," Hendley said. "My headache went away soon so I went back in and I got hit again so I pretty much had two concussions in 35-40 minutes. I woke up 2-3 hours later at the hospital. That made me mad because I was playing pretty good." Now, he's back in action, however, and Hendley tells DeaconSports that he is working out all day. "When I'm not in a tourney, I'm in the gym a good five hours or so per day," Hendley exclaimed. "I get up at 6:30 every morning and go to the gym and play. Then I lift weights and I head back to the gym in the afternoon."

"I probably play 4-5 hours per day not counting lifting. I lift weights probably 45 minutes to an hour and one-half per day depending on what day it is and what I need to do."

For now, Hendley is working down-low to improve his post game. "I've been working on my perimeter game throughout the spring and early summer," Hendley said, "but now I'm trying to get working on the post game and trying to improve on ball handling. [I'm working on getting] quicker on my feet and agility work – my focus is not primarily perimeter anymore."

As for Hendley's plans for the summer, he will attend the Nike camp in Indiana as well as playing in a few tournaments in North Carolina. His AAU squad will also play in either the nationals in Orlando or the Big Time Tournament later this summer as well.

Hendley also noted that Wake fans will be able to check him out in the Chavis League this summer in Raleigh. Although the Chavis League starts Thursday, he will not play in the league until after Nike camp. At this point, Hendley is not sure which squad he will play for in the league.

This week, Hendley will head to Winston-Salem to play some basketball with some current Deacon basketball players and others – including Chris Paul. Hendley and fellow Wake commit Chris Paul have both made it known that they are great friends and that they hit it off when the both visited Wake earlier in the year. That relationship continues.

"We probably talk about once or twice per week," Hendley said. "I'm going to spend the night with Chris next week and I'm going to work out with some of the Wake players then too. We're going to play some pick-up with those guys." Hendley said he will try to go to Chris' for the 26th, 27th, and maybe the 28th.

While Hendley already has one friend coming in to Wake with him in Chris Paul, he is also working on bringing in another top prospect – Jeremy Ingram. "Jeremy Ingram was at ECU and I was talking up Wake as much as I could to him," Hendley told DeaconSports. "We exchanged phone numbers and we're going to try to keep in touch and try to persuade him to be a Deacon."

As for Jeremy, we will have more on him here on on Tuesday!

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