Maze Finds Way Through Life, Recruiting

Over the past year, the life of 6'3 point guard Bobby Maze has changed dramatically. A year ago, Maze was a hardheaded young man, floating through school without focusing on academics – which led to a lack of offers. All of that is behind him now, however, and Maze has changed to turn himself into a humble individual with a focus on his education, a change that has also led to offers from schools around the nation.

Ask Bobby Maze about his life over the past year and the 6'3 prospect will tell you the immense changes that have taken place during this time frame. A year ago, Maze drew little college interest as he let down on his responsibility to attend class and get an education while attending Lutheran Academy in Philadelphia.

Coach Schofield at Lutheran had given Maze the chance to showcase his talents and earn scholarship offers last season, but Maze failed to hold up his end of the bargain and had to sit out. "I was hardheaded and that's why I was in the situation I was in," Maze recalled of his "past life." "Life's a learning process and I messed up and learned from it. Coach [Schofield] to me is a good coach and he gave me the opportunity to play and he didn't have to take me in...When I was at Lutheran, I started out playing, but Bobby Maze was [hardheaded] and didn't go to class. It had nothing to do with the Lutheran program, it was just me."

"I wasn't in the right state of mind, it was just my attitude," Maze noted, "and I had to change myself and when I went to Patterson this season, I had another opportunity and this time I made the best of my opportunity. I learned I wasn't going to get anywhere without listening and that's why I'm humble and am the way I am now."

By seeing the error in his ways and changing his mindset, Maze has earned himself scholarship offers to play at some of the nation's best schools both academically and athletically. "I told my mother today that from the streets and where I'm from, I've got to be happy with where I am," Maze said. "Life is hard. Some people go different routes, but one day I want to say I had to take a long route, but I made it. That's why I play the way I play. This is my ticket out."

"I've taken my act to a different level, going to class and doing things right," Maze continued. "I can't just fall down on academics. You've got to speak, learn proper terminology and wording, and at Lutheran I didn't understand that. With no scholarships, I had to sit back and say this is me, things are going this way. That's why I'm the way I am now. My attitude was crazy. Now I can say I changed, I'm doing good, and I have about 40 scholarships on the way."

Dozens of schools around the nation have developed a keen interest in Maze but, at this point, he has narrowed his list of schools to just four. "Right now it's going the best it has," said Maze, who averaged over 20 points per game this past weekend at the Charlie Weber Invitational with Coach Skip Prosser looking on. "I've got an offer from Cincinnati, Kansas State, Seton Hall…I've narrowed it to Wake, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Kansas State. That's it right now. I'm going to visit Seton Hall on Thursday but other than that it's all going as good as it can."

While the Deacons are certainly very high on Maze's list, his ACT score from his May 6th exam will be a strong factor in determining if Maze will be able to be a Demon Deacon. "I love Wake Forest and what Coach Prosser is doing," he said. "The transcript is 50/50 that I will be in a Deacon uniform. Right now the academic thing is a part of it at Wake. I understand what they're doing. They don't want to take a chance of me committing and not having my score and I don't want to put myself in that situation either."

"My thing is getting fully qualified," Maze said. "I'm going to take [the ACT] on May 6th. Hopefully another guard doesn't commit before then. I'd love to play the ACC and play against Maryland. Then again, the Big East is fine with me too with Georgetown."

"Wake Forest, I'm just waiting," he noted. "The people that have been on me the most are Wake, Cincinnati, and Tennessee. Wake and Cincinnati are a very high chance of where I might be. Wake Forest has a good history with point guards. You have Chris Paul who just came out of there and I love his style of play. Tennessee plays like that and with Cincinnati, their guard just left."

With his decision looming, Maze plans to relax at his tournament coming up in the Bahamas at the end of the month to help him decide the school of his choice. "Within the next couple of weeks, I'll know. After the Bahamas trip and enjoying the summer weather out there and playing with the guys, I will commit and will know where I'm going."

Leading up to this decision, Maze has put together criteria to become the school of his choice. "The factors for me is what is the best situation – what school can I fit into," Maze noted. "First I want to know if they play fast. I like to push the ball and press on defense. I like to make things happen. When the ball is around I can look for other people. I'm a complete player, I want to see who will let me play my game."

With Maze's work ethic and attitude, you can expect for the 6'3 guard to be a success early on in his career at the next level. "Hopefully everything goes as planned and goes smooth," Maze said. "I want to be All-Freshman this and All-Freshman that. I don't mind battling with another point guard and like I told Coach Prosser I'm not asking for guaranteed minutes, I just want the opportunity with me and the other player to compete and have a fair shot."

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