Scouting Wake's 2006 Class

When looking at our recruits who will play for Wake next year, it is important to remember that we have seen them in a high school setting or all-star type games. Their ability to translate/improve their skills at the collegiate level is a guess, albeit an educated one. With that in mind, here is my preliminary breakdown of their games at this point in their careers.

The following is a look at the incoming recruits as well as a player who redshirted at Wake this past year, David Weaver.

Casey Crawford
Strengths - Good shooter for a big man, tough underneath the basket, hard worker, gets rebounds by always being in the right spot, can play back to the basket or facing it.
Weaknesses - Not real quick, has average athleticism, needs to improve ball-handling skills, sometimes disappears too much in games.

Anthony Gurley
Strengths - Good three-point shooter, very good mid-range game, plays tough on both ends of court, good free throw shooter, good overall quickness, has some explosive athleticism, explosive first step, can get off shot most anytime.
Weaknesses - Can be streaky in outside shooting, could improve ball-handling with both hands, sometimes defers too much to others, can be bothered by very quick, small guards.

Chas McFarland
Strengths - Good rebounder, good shot blocker, has soft touch for a 7-footer, runs the floor well, scraps hard for rebounds, catches the ball well and has good hands, has nice little hook.
Weaknesses - Very thin and lacks strength, can be clumsy at times, tends to put ball on floor too much, reaches a lot on defense, has trouble establishing position down low.

Jamie Skeen
Strengths - Very good athleticism, has soft touch inside and out, runs the floor extremely well, good post moves and footwork, very long and good shot blocker, plays hard and smart, good hands, surprisingly strong. Has smooth turnaround jumper.
Weaknesses - Can fall too much in love with shooting three pointers, can reach too much on defense and get in foul trouble, needs more strength/bulk to hold positioning inside.

Ishmael Smith
Strengths - Very quick with ball, has excellent ball handling skills, good form on shot, drives to basket with killer cross over moves, exceptional team leader and plays with intensity, can create his own shot anytime, coachable player who has PG mentality, has nice little floater
Weaknesses - Sometimes over-penetrates and gets in trouble deep, can get too fancy at times, streaky 3-point shooter, plays adequate defense at best, lack of strength/size makes it tough for him to finish inside, needs to play under control at all times.

David Weaver
Strengths – Good explosive leaping ability, very agile for someone this tall, soft touch, great attitude and very coachable, will play outside if he is needed there, good lateral quickness, smart player.
Weaknesses - Strength, hands could be better, needs more confidence, has to get tougher, needs more work on back to basket skills.

L.D. Williams
Strengths - Great athlete, plays pretty good defense, finishes strong, good rebounder, very quick off the ball, always plays hard. Great attitude.
Weaknesses - Streaky shooter, needs more work on ball handling, doesn't assert himself offensively enough, lacks confidence in shooting at times.

Every player should improve their strengths and hopefully diminish their weaknesses with the individual coaching they will get before the season starts. There will be many opportunities for these players to be seen during skill training and in impromptu pick-up games and we will revisit this list in late summer/early fall to see how they, and the returning players, have done.

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